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To Cheat a Cheat: A Tale of Cheating

We’ve already seen what a solicitation in this dark world looks like, but what we are about to share with you tells another story of cheating. It all started with one of our posts here at Xbox Cheater Watch. We exposed a certain cheater to the world, and a reader, for some strange reason, decided to come forward with a tale that takes us inside the grisly world of cheaters.

In exchange for this information, we agreed to keep him anonymous, so we’ll just call him “Cheet” for this story. In addition, we’re going to change all the names of this story to keep things fair.

Our story began months ago, when “Cheet” was just an ordinary gamer. He didn’t have a high Gamerscore, but he enjoyed gaming and playing for all of the enjoyment that comes from it. Soon however, he became obsessed with his Gamerscore. Earning Achievements by honest means became frustrating for him – he had an insatiable hunger that was driven by greed and laziness. He knew it was the wrong thing to do, but four months ago, “Cheet” contacted a well-known Gamerscore cheater and hacker known in certain circles as, “Clown.”

“Cheet” agreed to pay “Clown” to somehow give “Cheet” all the Achievements for over 20 Xbox 360 games. At $10 per game, “Cheet” over time, ended up paying “Clown” to the tune of $240 for his services. Along the way, “Cheet” started trying to capitalize on what he learned from “Clown” by charging other people to increase their Gamerscores through certain methods.

Soon, “Cheet” realized that he had an unhealthy level of addiction to not only increasing his Gamerscore, but in cheating the entire system. He wanted to give it up. But he didn’t simply stop cheating – he sold his Gamertag – the one he had paid so much for, to someone by the name of “Klip” for $50. Recently, “Cheet” discovered that someone else had somehow stolen the Gamertag from “Klip.”

In researching this story, we discovered that “Cheet’s” Gamertag did indeed have many discrepancies in this gaming history and Gamerscore. And we were also able to determine that whoever owns the Gamertag today has lied to us about who owns the Gamertag and what its origins are.

Prologue: “Clown” has since been brought to justice, and has had his Gamerscore corrected by Microsoft. “Cheet” claims to be an honest gamer now, and hopes whoever owns his old Gamertag will soon be discovered and punished by Microsoft.


5 Responses to “To Cheat a Cheat: A Tale of Cheating”

  1. funny because it’s too true.

  2. Lol good one chief.

  3. I just learned something new lol

  4. Lol, look at this gamertag.

    320k… in a day. If you ask me what proof there is of cheating you probably have trouble dressing yourself in the mourning.

  5. Nice story, you should write novels.

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