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A Generous Cheater? is home to the insanely popular, “Red vs. Blue” show, and to hundreds of thousands of gamer journals. It should come to no surprise then that a few cavities would be found among those personal profile pages.

Reader “Vertically Challenged” noticed Roosterteeth member “Amakaru,” whose apparent Gamertag is “FusionBreaker,” posted a very interesting entry in his journal recently. Here’s a screenshot of the funny business:

So, “FusionBreaker” is “generous” enough to be giving away Achievements? We’re pretty sure that spreading decay and encouraging gamers to tamper with their Gamerscore won’t win this guy any Humanitarian of the Year awards anytime soon.

Although his privacy settings are enabled, we can still get a glance of his gaming history from his profile page. Click on the Gamercard to link on through:


3 Responses to “A Generous Cheater?”

  1. it doesn’t look like he has cheated at all, half his games arent even complete on, and it isn’t very difficult to do the second profile glitch anyway.

  2. He and I are on several social networks together such as XBL and RvB. However, considering he was playing AC almost all day each day for the past 4 days I’m pretty sure he wasn’t just cheating up other peoples gamerscore.

    I should also mention he views AC as one of his favorite games. I remember when Oblivion came out… he would be online when I fell asleep and still when I awoke just to complete it. He’s done this with Mass Effect and a few others as well.

    Though I am envious of his Gamerscore I don’t think that he actually cheats or has cheated to achieve it. This referral seems more like one of jealousy on behalf of Vertically Challenged.

    Lastly, I believe Amakaru also has the highest GS on RvB. I may be mistaken but it’s often the cause of so many people calling him a cheater. So while I think this site is great for trying to aid Microsoft in their attempts to catch cheaters I believe this generous “cheater” is more of a bored gamer wanting to play a game he likes for no other reason… Well, perhaps he gained some mods from the ordeal. [The main form on “currency on RedvsBlue]

  3. All us Real Achievement whores knows he cheats, he admitted to cheating in devil may cry 4 to me, and i really wish i still had that message in my inbox.(more than a month ago)

    Nobody ever saw him play eternal sonata or Lost planet, yet he perfects them? Before he locked his privacy i saw the achievements he had, and somehow he beat the game on hard before beating the 3rd level.

    He also beat Devil may cry 4 on Dante must die before son of sparda(Impossible, SOS unlocks DMD)
    AND he beat guitar hero 2 without unlocking the stages.

    Hes a cheater and we all know it, now im not saying all his games are fake but at least 50+% is.

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