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Do You See What We See?

Here at Xbox Cheater Watch, we love slasher flicks. And among the best of the horror films are the Saw movies. As an homage to the series, we’re going to play a game. You have at your disposal all the tools we’ve used at this site, and your own investigative skills. We’ll give you one Gamertag, and it’s your job to find everything we would look at as a discrepancy. List out all the evidence, and find out whether you can see what we see!

Click on through to see the Gamertag…

Gamertag: “RiFLE DoEz WoRK”


9 Responses to “Do You See What We See?”

  1. Wartec, Overlord, Monster Madness, Football Manager 2006, Saints Row, Fear all 1,00 gscore no online play. 10/26/07 9 games completed, all acheivements for 9,250 g score, in one day pretty impresive.

  2. Gears of war- Seriously glitched
    Rapella- hacked (game is glitched at720)
    PGR3 gamesaved
    Idolmaster, war tech, overloard, overg, monster madness, FM06, eragon. All hacked
    Enchanted arms- gamesaved
    Assassins creed- Second profile glitched
    Zegapain- gamesaved
    Project sylphied- gamesaved
    spiderman fof- gamesaved
    Guitar hero 2 gamesaved
    N3, Smackdown 2008, Pimp my ride, Winning 11 2008, Simpsons, golden compas, civil war- gamesaved
    Everyparty- hacked
    Spiderman 3- hacked
    Godfather- hacked
    bullet witch- gamesaved
    ICC cricket- hacked
    Saints row- hacked
    Bioshock german- hacked
    Fantastic 4- hacked
    Ratatoullie- hacked
    FEAR- hacked
    SAMURAI WARRIORS 2 XL- gamesaved
    Fifa 07- hacked
    Amped- gamesaved
    MGP06- gamesaved
    Big game hunter-gamesaved
    Meet the robinsons-gamesaved
    VF5- SPG’d
    Cabella bucks- gamesaved
    COD3-gamesaved and SPG’d
    opperation darkness- gamesaved
    gun- gamesaved
    burnout revenge- gamesaved
    RR6- gamesaved
    fifa 06- gamesaved
    Timeshift- spged
    kameo- gamesaved
    tenshu jap- gamesaved
    Spectral force 3-gamesaved
    GRAW2, oblivion, hitman, Bionical, ddru, blazing angles- gamesaved
    farcry- hacked
    orange box- hacked
    juiced 2- hacked
    sonic- hacked
    def jam- hacked
    Warrours O- gamesavaed
    DW5- gamesaved
    full auto- gamesaved
    dw:gundam- gamesaved
    edf- gamesaved
    tenshu z- gamesaved
    crackdown- spg
    PDZ- gamesaved

    Thats just me skimming over the top. Do I win?

    Moderator Comment: Impressive list of games, but you have not identified what makes you believe these games are “gamesaved” or other.

  3. Ok, you saw how many there are. I am NOT doing all of them, I will be here all week!

    I’ll go over the quick and basics for you.

    Ok the hacking, thats easy. He paid sufoor or someone else with the ability to hack to ‘hack’ a game for him. Take a look at FEAR for example. The game is pretty much uncheatable and can not be gamesaved and is notoriously difficult to get ANY achievements from.

    His first achievement in FEAR is beat the campaign without dieing. He hasn’t even got the achievement for beating the first level. Also his 100 ranked wins is obtained after his 1000 ranked wins. Both achievements are obtained offline. Which is impossible to do unless it is hacked.

    GRAW, online ranked leaderboard achievements acquired offline=hacked. Look for this in games like quake 4 and chrome hounds.

    Glitched games having 1ked like rapella or rayman is obvious hacking. Cold racoon had a few of these.

    OK, now spging is a method of loading another gamertag in game play to unlock achievements the other tag had earned. Take a look at VF5 for instance, when SPG’d it unlocks out of order(ooo). The Durel achievement- Beat the durel bonus stage with all acharacters is unlocked before beat the stage with ANY character. Also look at assassins creed. He beat the game before doing the training mission or any of the assinations.

    I could go on and on and ON. But this guy is a quite good example of what can be cheated and what order it comes in when cheated.

    Moderator Comment: Very impressive observations.

  4. Yes and all the games I listed have been blatantly cheated, in some way or another. And I didn’t even take a look at his arcade games. Looks like this guy has cheated at LEAST 120k. Now I have won. Wheres me cookie?

  5. That’s gonucksgo old tag. He has over 24 games hacked. Many gamesaved and not many legit. He is also an account stealer(phisher) PLEASE 0 THIS GUY!! I think Monkey pretty much sumed it up.

  6. Get that man a cookie!

  7. he changed his gamertag, from gonucksgo to rifle doez work.

  8. well lets see. if he phishes, does that mean he stole this tag/
    also he works with alex huh

  9. Ah yeah I knew that talentless muck sold his tag a few weeks ago. That pretty much sums up just why some people cheat: They are terrible at any sort of game.

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