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Poser Tips Himself Off

Not to be confused with “DeaconBlade 360,” Xbox MVP and founder of Unscripted 360, “Deacon 360GS,” is a self-admitted Gamerscore tamperer, and probably contributes nill to the Community.

In the forums, he wrote the following posts:

It seems clear that this poser is making an attempt to pose as “DeaconBlade 360,” but we know for certain the REAL Deacon would never engage in this type of unsavory underhandedness to gain Achievements without actually playing the games.

Thanks also to reader “mr.noname” for reminding us about this one!


5 Responses to “Poser Tips Himself Off”

  1. Gamesaving requires you to actually do things with in the game – fight a boss, find a nic-nac, whatever. You have to physically load the game and do something to unlock an achievement much like it being done legit – you just miss out on the things in between the different achievements.

    You are referring to the other no-no – acheivement hacking. This gives you achievements w/o ever having seen a game; using computer software and a special 360, as well as an intricate understanding of microsoft coding, you can give yourself any achievement you want. Programs for these are beginning to be leaked onto IRC for public download. I am sure if you ask around, instructions may also be available.

  2. Yeah too bad not everyone owns a “special 360” so this will fail just like all the gamesavers out there.

  3. I think i found one

    Gamertag removed by Moderator

    Look at his RSV2 he has Elite but doesn’t have Private First Class

    Moderator Comment: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 has a known issue with that particular Achievement.

  4. doh! lol nice catch. tis not me indeed. 🙂

  5. Yeah, glad you finally got him on here…

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