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Another Blatantly Boasting Bio

Reader “Jim” brought to our attention another gamer who openly admits to cheating in Bio. Check out the screenshot of the Bio for “LoD Fear”:

It never ceases to amaze us how some can shamelessly admit to cheating, but we definitely prefer gamers come clean about their cheating, rather than hide in the shadows, pretending to be an honest gamer who earned each and every Gamerscore point.

Here are the profile links for this cheater:


11 Responses to “Another Blatantly Boasting Bio”

  1. by far one of the most dangerous gamers. they guys is crazy. stolen over 100 tags over xboxlive.
    Moderator Comment: What proof do you have for this claim? If you have actual evidence, please submit them to us.

  2. wow now LoD is a cheating clan

  3. there is no proof he steals account because there is not any..however he does steal accounts using phishing sites and actually steals account under different gamertags, As you can tell by the profile hes cerealkiller5’s friend.

    Moderator Comment: You should realize that you are not providing actual evidence of these allegations.

  4. Thats alex89 v2/m360alex/ambizzion/Al3x the l3gend. The most known account stealer. Hes stolen WELL over 100 accounts including Gamertag removed by Moderator.

    Moderator Comment: What proof do you have of these allegations?

  5. monkey
    what tag was it.

  6. Pretty frustrating to see all these people admit to cheating and microsoft hasn’t reset their gamerscore. They’ve admitted it, what more proof do you need?

  7. no proof of him actually doing what he says, if does cheat, then he could just be trying to act big, in other words he could be lieing why trust anything a cheater says

  8. I know hes stolen tags with 100% certainty. I’m not going to post them as I would have to reveal my tag which would mean alex would take mine.

    Moderator Comment: If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us. Until then, there is no real evidence of him doing so.

  9. Ok and as proof of cheating goes:

    cod3- all ranked achievements in a day, that takes 200+ hours to do legit

    Assassins creed- game beaten before any assassinations

    VF5- beat arcade mode with all characters before he did it with one.

    Need any more for proof this guys a cheater?

  10. This individual has recently stolen another well known account. Hes changed the bio on it so it will get flagged on this site. Look at the account named JVacha.


    This guys is none other that Gamertag removed by Moderator, he has over 100 accounts on his hdd he is a criminal, a thief and a horrible person. Anyone whos dumb enough to think that this guy admits that like that is dumb. The last one was called Gamertag removed by Moderator too, Gamertag removed by Moderator. Also notice that last bit in his motto “there are other things I do that may scare you”

    Douchbag, I hope he dies

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