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Xbox 360 Betrays Owner in Console’s Blog

In a strange tale of love and betrayal, reader “Ben” led us to the blog, written by “Shuckey’s” Xbox 360. In this blog, you can read about a strange relationship between a console and his owner – but most importantly, you can read about the console’s surprise and shock in finding huge jumps in Gamerscore (think in the thousands) in a matter of 24 hours. Just take a look at a recent post in the 360’s own blog:

Now before anyone starts writing us about how the Xbox 360 isn’t really writing a blog – thanks for trying to point out the obvious, and missing the clear sarcastic nature of this post. Thanks to the work of, we have yet another tool at our disposal to investigate alleged cheaters.

The and profiles for “Shuckey” are filled with scrupulous Gamerscore gains and Achievement earnings – so much so that we’re just going to have to beg for someone to please give us a reasonable explanation for all of this. Consider it a challege.


44 Responses to “Xbox 360 Betrays Owner in Console’s Blog”

  1. Eternal Sonata achievements are out of order, he gamesaved it.

  2. I agree that hes a gamesaver, but 360 voice can be tricked. For example, before I went into an old spice gamescore challange, I didn’t update my card for 6 days. So according to 360 voice I went up 4k in a day when I updated my card. Games that would have taken more than 1 day to get.

  3. He cheated on these games
    Army of 2
    Virtua Tennis 3
    Winning Eleven 2008
    PES US

  4. Shuckey did all of that in one day cause he is that damn good

  5. Well since yes 360voice is not totally acurate since if you did it offline and then load up the game days later it will say you got it on that day when in fact you did not….that in itself does not prove anything. What achievments are out of order so I can tell for myself. Because if you look he had a blog awhile ago with a lot of Japanese games done on that day yet the games were done over a year ago. His Army of Two is in Legit Order so I do not know what your talking about there……if you want to see out of order Army of Two look at grnidbandit that is gamesaved and out of order. 200 games at 10 minutes a game of bounties getting 4 million a game would not take that long……look at Stallion83 did it in one day or 2 days also.

  6. yeah thats what you say anon but people know this guy is a well known cheater heck he even cheats when it comes to getting free MS points

  7. Yeh post No.2 is right. Except it worked half the time, before I got Live I played Saints Row and then I got it back off a friend and one that day I checked my blog and I gained oike 37 achievements on that day. But just check dates of the achievemnets if they have nay and you can find a glitcher.

  8. yeah thats what you say anon him and his friend both cheated for the old spice challenge

  9. I agree that they are out of order but like Monkey said that site is weird. When you sign if you already have a lot of games done, when you boot a game that you have a K in, it will automaticly say that you got your 1K in that game in one session even if you didn’t. Its like booting games to MGC.

  10. He is another Gamer Dad selling a bad example for his children.

  11. resonding to monkey if you updated 4k in one day these games would have no dates.people that have 4k with dates in 1 day are the people geting questioned.

  12. He is a big gamesaver and always on Link removed by Moderator.

  13. And beating PES in one day and getting 5 achievements in NCAA 08 is not hard nor impossible. So why is his tag being questioned again? 2k in a day now if it were Like Blue Dragon and Lost Odysey then yeah but an easy Sports game that can be boosted and 5 achievements in another easy sports game. Seems like someone has a grudge against this guy. Even beating Pro Evo 2 times in a day is not hard it is an easy game all sports game except Football Manager are easy 1ks. You point out games but do not point out games that are super hard and done legit like Chromehounds , FEAR I think it’s just an issue of jealousy. Whomever reported this guy whether there are some shady things there is no proof just idle speculation.

  14. He has no dates for Eternal Sonata and how can you tell there out of order I looked at them on and they are all secret. So getting 1k in PES and Playing NCAA getting 5 achievements is impossible? Wow if this is how this site is finding cheaters it has now become a witch hunt instead of finding the REAL cheaters who have hacked games like 1000 in NFS Carbon , 1000 in online games with no dates like Shadowrun all 1000 with no dates. My husband (Omega) and I play alot of Chromehounds so we have heard of Shuckey from there….. his Squad was #1 forever. People like KOX KingOfXbox have 1000 in Chromehounds but have no dates for the online squad achievements. Easily found on the in game Leaderboards is RT Rank to get the Maxed Out RT achievements you would have to be on the in-game Leaderboards. Plus don’t most cheaters block there tag ? All the cheaters I have seen also have 1k in Assasins Creed but Shuckey has nothing.

  15. I took a look at Shuckey’s Blog at 360 voice ….. wow Look at how many days he has played most games and then look at someone like Stallion83. Shuckey has played all those games that many days ( 30 – 50 days in some cases), wow I am now impressed. He has alot of games that are not even showing up on his blog so I would say if he loaded up Over-G and Just Cause it would say hey finished those on the day he loaded them up in the tray and that would be a false positive of cheating. That is not proof of cheating. I want the cheating to stop do not get me wrong but why is this guy on here again?

  16. he cheats..plain and simple…1000 in that many games in one day..please

  17. you guys want more proof here it is look at that link hes on this old spice challenge with two of his own tags and VGD ICEMAN who happened to confess just the other day how his gamecard was boosted by a friend..wonder who that friend of his could be?

  18. He cheated due to the fact that thier is no way you can do pro evo in 1 day due to the Ultimate Player achievment. You have to play 500 matches which even on the lowest setting of 5 minutes a match would take over 24 hours.

  19. Linda is CerialKiller5 so enuff said
    Shucky is another cheater like him and should get the ZeRo

  20. he cheated..he’s told this to me…he has gamesaved…so stop tryin to stand up for him.

  21. oh and omega,all you have to do to say you played that game that many days is put it in you box and let it load,then pop it out,its not that hard to do.and as far as his buddy vgd iceman, all i have to say is wow, they are buddies and gamesaved for each other.

  22. I added a link on here that showed an oldspice challenge chart with two of shuckies gamertags along with VGD ICEMANS tags that showed shucky as with an insane gamescore increase he will from time to time play a online match with non cheaters but if asked about his score he will say its legit and then mock you. Shucky and his friends get mad over stallion83 by saying that stallion83 has yet to admit to cheating when infact shuckey does the same exact thing this guy is being falsely accused of.

  23. yeah juju…they had to cheat to win that…these guys a the biggest losers.

  24. Show me where Shuckey says he is not a cheater or he is a cheater? It is funny how so many people can bad mouth someone with baseless accusations. Like I said I do not like cheaters but you make wild statements without facts which in the real world is slander and liable. You have to have proof and if all you are showing me is a blog that says he got 2k in a day but when you look at the dates he only really got like 1100 GS that day. Oh and if being in a Old Spice rewards challenge means your friends than wow again a witch hunt. You bring Stallion83 another cheater into this conversation and on his friends list are many gamesavers so now it’s guilt by association? WOW …. hey Ben and JuJu what are your real gamertags so I can look at your achievements. Or are you too scared to show your real faces…. oh my wife is Linda again trying to just make false accusations seems that is all people can do around here. Show me proof not speculation….you say you have talked to him then great again what is your tag so I can contact him and see for myself I like to have all the facts before I make my decision on someone. Like Stallion83 playing Army of Two online on 3/10 & 3/11 then never played again until 4/4 for 5 minutes and got Retirement Savings Plan achievement (1 Billion Dollars) but yet his online stats only show 300+ million. That’s proof all I see again is a grudge from someone you are jealous of and a friend of Stallions.

  25. Wow man, you have no idea, he told me in his own words he did, i would not come on here and lie. And i can tell you there is not one gamesaved game on my tag, i game for fun and always will. Unless you are shuckey coming on here tryin to defend your self, cuz he always says people are just jealous of him. and i have never played,talked or even wanted to know stallion, so do not metion me in your rants. i know facts, and shuckey is a gamesaver.

  26. oh and by the way shuckey,oops i mean omega, i will laugh and laugh when his gamerscore is set back to Zero, just like he is. a zero.

  27. Omega, if you want proof on shuckey being a cheater just look at his gamercard, look at lost planet out of order achievements, look at rumble roses double x a tough game to 1k but yet he does this in 1 day? call of duty 3 ranks from Lieutenant to General in 1 day?? 1k in virua fighter 5 in one day??? gets all the bigger achievements in perfect dark zero in 1 day??? does winning eleven and PES08 in one day virua tennis 3 in one day?? I just named some that pretty hard to either 1k in one day or get most of them in one day what more proof do you need??as far as stallion83 goes if he is a cheater shuckey can learn and trick or two from him..learn how you cover your tracks better next time.

  28. I am not Linda and I have no reason to hide my identity. All of these allegations of Shuckey being a cheater are to my knowledge false. 360Voice updates everything since the last time you log onto Live. Shuckey has really crappy Comcast internet and has been known to be offline for days at a time – please do not accuse someone of something that you yourself may be guilty of. Who is to say that the people here accusing Shuckey are not cheaters themselves – I would love to see identities instead of made-up names like Ben and Shane and JuJu and Bozza.

    By the way, I have 10k GS and it is all legit. How much do you people have? And how legit is it?

    if you want to look at cheater tags – look at the top 10 – there are a ton up there that are chock full of cheated achievements (Gamertags removed by Moderator) – I am sure if Shuckey was cheating, he’d be up there as well.

  29. this is no suprise, a gamesaver stickin up for a gamesaver, my gamerscore is low, 100% not gamesaved or boosted its totaly “legit”. Maybe he should have not been so open about his cheating for gamerscore, since as i said he has told me about it and has help several people i know. So please dont tell me what i know and dont know, when i heard it straight from his mouth. Maybe you should ask him how many people he has helped out then you will have an idea of how many people know about it and you will not have to make up lies to try and defend him.

  30. So Cereal now your going to use the ” bad internet connection” excuse? This is not about us or you its about Shuckey so stop bringing yourself into the equation you have already been reset to 0 so if you did do 10k legit or 100k legit does not matter you still cheated. Thats like saying I take steroids but I also spend 3 hours at the gym 5 days a week it does not matter you still cheated get over yourself. Take a look yourself at his achievements the ones I mentioned earlier and tell me any legit gamer out there can 1k or get most of these achievements in one day? This has nothing to do with crappy internet connections his achievements are glitched and real bad if I may add.

  31. Ben – please post your tag so we can check out exactly how legit you are

    JuJu – you should have some idea that this whole reset thing won’t be carried through by Microsoft to clear the leaderboards – they went after those who they perceived as threats – you just get reset then either quit or start over…doesnt matter – my tag is fully legit and will remain to stay that way but using your steroid theory, the original tag was like Fernando Vina (great 2nd baseman when he was with the Cardinals) basically used HGH to get better quickly then backed off when the stuff came down – there are still Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds at the top of the leaderboards and MS is sitting on their thumbs even with sites like this dedicated towards pointing out faults…basically it has been over 2 weeks since the initial resets with a downtime on 4/1 in between and nothing has been moved forward from MS – does anyone think they will continue forward? and if so, when? and if they do would they hit enough to get another class action lawsuit leveraged against them (probably the main reason for the feet dragging)? in the meantime people feel the need to go after others and turn on them for what? jealousy? envy of score? because other’s misery makes them happy?

    to be honest, no site like this was need to hit the 7 that were reset – what makes you think that the timestamping of achievements (not dates but actual hour / minute stamping encoded in the profile) coupled to knowing what the saves look like (order of achievs) is not sufficient enough? MS built the Live service, profiles and such and know the ins and outs of the coding process as well as having some of the best software designers around who could design a bot to find suspicious tags that are suspected of gamesaving probably even in an afternoon…

  32. Cereal this site was created to point out people who cheat they are way more than just the 7, MS knows this, I know this, and so does the rest of the community by now. As far as my steroid theory or is it a theory?? nobody likes a cheater, or basically somebody using an advantage such as a gamesave to gain achievement score. MS created this system to help other players determine what skill a player is at ie..player with a high gamescore is very good at games vs someone with a low score probably isnt good or just does not play as much. Now I think we can both agree this is irrelevant because lets say you play a live match in call of duty or any other game a player with a low gamescore and own a player with a higher gamerscore, but the overall gamerscore is suppose to measure overall performance. As to when they will start resetting more scores that remains to be seen remember major nelson announcing in oct 07 about resetting gamescores and nothing happened after that, out of no where they reset 7 make another announcement saying they warned people and I have feeling it will happen again but who knows this is the way how MS operates.

  33. I say leave shukey ALONE. Yes he has cheated. But hes also a great guy and a talented player. Most people have cheated in some way or another. But there are far more serious cheaters out there that MS or even you guys wont even LOOK at. I say to MS start at #1 and work your way down. Number 1 and 2 are jokes with massive ammounts of hacked gamescore. They should have reset them, not guys like shuckey and cerial who barley cheat in comparison.

    Moderator Comment: Please provide us with actual evidence of any cheating. Thank you.

  34. LOL not reset guys like cereal and shuckey even though they cheat they are nice guys and talented players?? wow man I dont mean to insult your post but that made no sense. First being nice has nothing to do with cheating, #2 if they are so talented why resort to gamesaving to boost up gamescore? you make them sound like if the popped whatever game in they would be good in it so why would they need to resort to gamesaves? As far as the top ten being cheaters please provide some proof, as there is none at this point.Oh I get it, MS should probably install a system where they can find out if you are a great person and even if you gamesaved or hacked they should just leave you alone.

  35. shuckey is running scared.i wonder what gamer tag he is using now.see as i have come across a tag that has the same score he did and the same games just played, simply pathetic

  36. Yes he changed the “Shuckey” tag to Gamertag removed by Moderator and made a new tag named it Shuckey and it hiding his achievements on the old tag

    Moderator Comment: What proof do you have of this?

  37. Same gamescore, same games played with the same achievements on his new tag. And the bio, location and name are the same. Proof enough?

  38. Oh and as proof of cheating on the shucky tag goes. Rumble roses, a game that takes hundreds of hours to 1k, he has it done in a day.

  39. well lets see the 3 ppl posting all about shuckey are people who have had gamesaves done on there account. yes we know who you 3 are. the sad thing is any so called cheater that gets posted here would wipe the floor with any of you so called legit gamers. until you clowns show your tags you are considered cheaters in my book.

    want some come get some.

    Moderator Comment: What in the world are you talking about?

  40. JuJu –

    You are walking in deangerous waters, as I know you have gamesaved as well. Look at your FIFA World Cup 06, Rumble Roses XX and your X-Men not to mention many others that are very suspicious. Be careful what you say and who you say it to before you yourself are outed on this site.

    I have nothing against you in fact was on your FL for a bit and boosted with you as well, but please do not continue something that you are very hypocritical about.

  41. Cereal cheats and encourages young ones to cheat. He is admin on one of the most notorious cheating sites online.

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