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“Yes I Gamesave and Proud of It”

“Why would i be ashamed of gamesaving? go ahed and report me, i could care less.”

We’re not exactly sure what he has to be proud of, but gamer “Shinigami Renji” over in the forums was spotted posting some pretty inflammatory messages. Take a gander at these screenshots (click for bigger pics):

So while he might not sound like a rampant cheater, he sure is flaunting the illegitimate manner in which he increased his Gamerscore. As we’ve said numerous times – this sort of cheating devalues the Gamerscore system, and in turn, makes all of our honest, hard-earned Achievements meaningless. One positive thing that can come out of this report is that by exposing cheaters, we can bring the Gamerscore system back some of its integrity.


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