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The Cheater Manifesto

Well okay, so it’s not exactly a manifesto, per se, but our old friend, “L3GIT G4M3R” (always a pain to type that out) pretty long diatribe about the reasons for his cheating ways over in the forums. Like all manifestos, he lays out the historical groundwork of his actions, and sets out his own views on cheating, and even which actions he considers “crosses the line.” Read the full post by clicking on this “read the rest of this entry” link.Here is the post in its entirety (warning: we did not add, subtract, or otherwise manipulate, this post’s grammar, spelling, or syntax – blindness may result from reading):

ok – glad i made you happy – my 100% absolute reason for being…and guess what – local accounts can not obtain online achievements (for anal retentive completionists like myself) – how do you propose to obtain these? gamesaves do not unlock such achievements anyway…

and i love reading these responses, but the 1 thing people do not seem to realize is that people have different reasons for obtaining gamerscore…

to be honest, i got my 1st 15k legit then started to gamesave games i had not completed (mainly b/c i am incredibly anal and was not going to spend another 6 hrs going thru pgr3 or another 36 hours redoing gun), and then i found and felt an initial surge to get onto the leaderboards, and yes – gamesaving + skill (most saves are at points prior to an achievement unlocking, meaning it is similar to skimming thru the boring stuff to get to the good stuff in a novel) got me quickly into mgc’s top 50 – the trip then into the top 25 was bogged down b/c the people originally up there were gamesaving as much if not more than me – this went on until i got about 60k and gamesaving was put to an end via the fall 06 and subsequent spring 07 dashboard updates – then i started playing legit with the goal to remain in the top 25 and did so up until i was reset – 1) because no one could keep up with my addiction and pass me without hacking their achievements – the real cheats in my opinion, many still exist perched atop of the so called purged leaderboards – look at their games and focus on specifically online achievements that have no dates – incredibly easy to spot…2) because i realized i was much better than i had thought – maybe it was playing through games and i felt that using saves took away from the gaming experience and that the boring part in the middle was at times interesting…and 3) the anal thing – i wanted to try to approach 100% completion – i was near 99% when i was reset – and yes, i had alot of legitimate time into my account and had many achievements that were a one time deal (college hoops tourneys; quake 4 leaderboards; chromehounds; etc – my rumble roses xx took 3 months but it was legit) – at least i am able at the present time to begin anew (gamesave free) and continue my reformed ways as i had been doing for the past 18 months…

anyway, i digress – even though i had reformed, ms still thought to reset my account, fixating on making an example of 7 of us for 1 reason or another (mainly to sate the natives and push towards discussions like this) – gamesaving is still occurring and will continue to do so unless microsoft makes a larger stand against it…

that said, microsoft has much larger issues facing them with software piracy and account thefts (phishers using lookalike pages do obtain account info and steal people’s gamertags) – these actions definitely cross the line between what is right and wrong – it is my belief that while alot of people consider gamerscore more than credit score in things and that what microsoft did to me and the 6 others should be celebrated, froma a legal and business point of view it is questionable – i hope they have things planned for the thieves out there much more harsh than what gamesavers have received because they do deserve it…

to put it this way in analogous terms – gamesavers are a benign growth on the live community – annoying, yes but not fatal – piracy and phishing is like stage 2 *** cancer – treatable if caught early but fatal if left go too long…ms needs to take care of the malignancy 1st then remove the benign b/c the opposite may mean the death of them…


7 Responses to “The Cheater Manifesto”

  1. bah excuses..excuses..excuses.
    He is cheating again on his new tag with Rainbow Six Vegas 2. How does one get all the online and 1000 kills in a matter of hours without cheating.
    Cerial is also one of the key people running a gamesavers site which encourages youngsters to cheat and corrupts legitimate young gamers.

  2. sam – post your tag and dont hide

    as stated by MS, boosting is not cheating, especially since you can do those achievements in a player match – try again buddy – that tag is legit…

  3. Heh
    As legit as a boobjob

  4. legit as a boobjob done by a licensed plastic surgeon – safe and secure and taxes reported to the government…

    check the tag – only 10k at the moment and i dare you to find anything that is gamesaved and/or against MS regulations – the score on that tag is done via MS’ terms

    if you have problems about boosting, look at the tags of Gamertags removed by Moderator – all of their online achievs are boosted or glitched (army of 2 billion $ yet not on leaderboard?) yet they are regarded as the “legit saviors” and are not on this site as confirmed or unconfirmed cheaters

    this tag is being done according to the rules and as such is 100% legit

  5. Sam:

    Its called boosting not cheating – the truly high “legit” gamers, that is all they do. The tag is legit according to MS (no glitches, saves, or hacks), so deal with it.

  6. I 100% agree with him. But cerial far from gave up cheating before he was reset. A month or so ago I saw him popping online, then off line and magically gaining 1k in virtua fighter 5. There are defiantly people that have cheated FAR more that he ever did, but they have not been touched my microsoft. And that in my opinion is the real issue. The main reason that he was reset is that he is a moderator at 360 gamesaves. It was done to scare others away from gamesaving.

  7. LMAO he went from the top 25 to the bottom 25.
    Thanks Microsoft.

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