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Cheater Fesses Up

There are hundreds of wonderful threads posted in the forums every day, and though we love each and every one of them, one of them caused us to pause today.  “Joshua,” whose Gamertag is “VGD ICEMAN,” decided to confess to Gamerscore cheating.  “I am TRUTHFULLY sorry to the Xbox Community about my gamerscore cheating, and b/c I don’t want to be known as a cheater, but as a legit, respectful gamer I am not going to use this account anymore once the subscription runs out,” he said.

We’ll see if he can beat the odds on being a repeat offender, but from his post, we can pretty much get the gist of why he came clean: “I can just hope that the Xbox Community, and Microsoft can give me a second chance.”  Looks like someone is just trying to beat the rap, if you ask us – that or get attention, which he just did.

Click here for the forum confession, and take a gander at the cheater’s gamercard:



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