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An Xbox Live Arcade Master – or Cheater?

Reader “Harrison” directed our attention to “TheSwindler89,” a gamer whose accomplishments are quite astounding. In his bio, he boasts the following statistics: “Total Gamerscore: 175245/175685 Total Achievements: 6076/6088 Completed Games: 258/262 Completed Retail: 152/154 Completed Arcade: 106/108 Completion %: 99.75%”


If you think his Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) completion record is astounding, you should check out how long it took him to get 100% of the Achievements on many of his XBLA games! In many cases, it took him only ONE day, two days at most. Pretty phenomenal, if you ask us.

Take a look for yourself by clicking on the Gamercard and the profile link:


16 Responses to “An Xbox Live Arcade Master – or Cheater?”

  1. I told you about this guy a couple weeks ago and you guys just blew off the comment. About time he is on here.

  2. doenst look like a cheat but you never no. personally some arcade games are easy and can be done in a day.

    but as look look at some of his 1000g games most of them have like 5 to 12 achiements like fifa 06 can be done in 1 day. i mean on fifa you play 6 games i think and you get 300g for qualifing from the group stage. that takes about 1 hour.

    but even so to complete nearly every game on his list is down to two things.

    1. he cheats and gamesaves but has been caught

    2. a extream hardcore gamer who make sure he/she gets every achiement before playing the next game and doesnt use cheats to get his gamerscore.

    when people do gamesave they usally do mp games and never play them online but i did not look properly at this guys list so if you come across it post a comment.

  3. and writing that pieace ive clearly mis read the be he says i

    yes gamesave i gamesave and i proud of it so just igore my bit above lol.

  4. They blow off all kinds of tips and just say “If you have proof we’d love to see it”. Take a minute to look at the achievements like we did or whatever.

  5. me n a friend were commenting on this guy while looking at arcade leaderboard. i was just saying ” there should be a place we can report people like this. then we found this place 🙂
    keep gaming legit!

  6. Look at his GRAW multiplayer achievements

  7. Notice how he’s carefully avoided every game with glitched achievements….

  8. notice how he has all the achievements for 60 games on one day?

  9. notice how hes got 1000gs in need for speed carbon. 1000/1000/
    which you can you have 990/
    also look at his quake 4.

  10. and he has the GRAW rank achievs… offline.

  11. He has all PES 2008 in one day… Its phisically impossible to win all all the teams in one day (national, clubs, etc) and win all the leagues, even if you play 5 mins all day long, its imposible, it requires 100 or more hours to get this one.
    More proof? Seriously doesnt have a time tag (offline???), he got General (CoD3) in one day, as a legit achievement owner, its impossible, if you are a ctf whore in the game you take a month, only kills like 2 months.

  12. ahhhhhhhhhhh he glitched his pes2008 achiements god i cant stand people cheating but when the cheat my favorite game i go mad !!!!!!!! and

    Anonymous Says:
    April 4, 2008 at 1:22 pm
    Look at his GRAW multiplayer achievements

    you are correct he did do his online graw offline

  13. He has 1k nfs carbon. The games glitched at 990. I’v posted this guy here before.

  14. 200/200 in Smash TV

  15. This guy used to be on my friend’s list. I could have sworn at one point, that this guy didn’t even own a 360. Aside from the obvious gamesaving/hacking on his account, he gets a whole bunch of his gamerscore from account trading. You can just look on at how many times his region has changed (evidence of account trading). I have even gotten many requests from this guy to complete games for him. If he ever asks anyone here to recover his account, do so, rent Chromehounds, and boot it up.

  16. If you look at his profile he some how got the Halo 2 (PC) achievements on is Live account. I smell cheater!

    Moderator Comment: A person can have one Gold Live account for both Xbox 360 and PC games.

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