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What Does a Rampant Cheater Look Like?

First off, thanks everyone for all the tips you’ve been submitting. We know you’ve been keeping your eyes peeled for Gamerscore cheaters, and you’ve been doing your best trying to find rampant cheaters. Unfortunately, some of the tips that we’ve followed up on led to Gamerscores that are suspicious, but do not lead to what looks like a systematic, prolific cheater.

Reader “Shane” pointed out one particular gamer whose game history is chock full of very suspicious gameplay. For example, does earning all Achievements in PES2008 in a single day sound a little strange to you? What about earning all Achievements in Bejeweled 2 in a single day? Or how about earning all Achievements in Chessmaster Live in one day? By the way, the last time this gamer played either of these games was coincidentally the same day he unlocked each of those respective Achievements. These are just a few examples.

Add to that a statemens made in his bio, which reads: “My Gamerscore May get reset soon…”

We sure are curious as to why this gamer thinks his Gamerscore will get reset. Of course, all of this may have a simple and innocent explanation. If you’ve got one, by all means, please let us know!

So without further ado, here is the gamer in question:

And here is a screenshot of the profile for “II HazyMist II.”


Thanks again to “Shane” for pointing him out to us!


One Response to “What Does a Rampant Cheater Look Like?”

  1. i have looked over allot of gamerscore leaderboards and forums and ive herd numerous times there getting rid of gamesavers so i have come up with a little list of some and i have proff mainly because some of them have completed Rumble roses Double x in one day which everyone no’s is inpossible So here is list please feel free to list some that u no have gamesaved………. Gamertags removed by Moderator Check for further gamer cards and tags for proof Fight these Cheaters off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Moderator Comment: If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us.

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