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We Spot a Confirmed Cheater in the Wild

Add another to the Watch List – a Confirmed Cheater made an appearance in the forums. Looks like “L3GIT G4M3R” wasn’t so legit after all…

If you’ve spotted a Confirmed Cheater – be sure to leave a comment in the Submit a Tip section of this site!

Oh and thanks to “NaraShikamaru S” for the link to the thread in the forums!

Edit: Here’s the forum post made by “L3GIT G4M3R” in its entirety:

“yes, i have been one of the initial 7 that were targeted for a reset, and i emphasize targeted (feel that i should be on a special episode of xbox – the reset 7)…i personally do not agree with the reset (surprise, surprise i know) and here is why:first, using saves is not cheating in the terms that microsoft would have you believe…anyone that used a datel product used saves or codes to unlock invinicibility, or later levels in games would know that it was because they wanted to move past a section where they got stuck or to move forward through incredibly repetitive gameplay…

in fact, if it was not for sites like no one would really care about the gamerscore race, and we would not be having this discussion…now really, does using saves hurt the community? i think not, and if someone can find where using saves goes against the ToS please link me to it – i have read them word for word and have found no mention against using saves in a game, using cheats on pc platform games, yes but nothing on the console…

where the true problem lies is in boosting…when i was playing online in a game like gears or halo or call of duty 3, people would always jump into a lobby requesting an achievement match, and if they did not get their way would result in team killing or trash talking making the entire online game an uncomfortable experience…and to get retribution against these people? file a complaint? never works and these people continue to move on and harass other gamers…

this coupled with software piracy (people using modded hardware clearly against the ToS) able to play games weeks before official release – again something that tarnishes the online experience which microsoft has seemingly turned their back on…

now i am aware that there will be immature “gamers” who judge 1st then think who will try to flame this thread; personally i could care less – think of it this way – microsoft made examples of 7 gamers out of 1.6 million, however there are at least 50000 gamers who have used a decent amount of cheats or saves to merit a reset of score – to tell you the truth, microsoft is using a scare tactic by going after 7 to try to scare the 50000 because the 7 have power that makes microsoft afraid – the 50000 are too much for microsoft to handle and so this reset process is not a true picture of your community – remember that…

also, that 50000 number has purchased a much larger % of games than the other segments in that 1.6 million and reseting score will lead to a mass playstation 3 exodus – i mean 2+ years building up a body of work with a few “cheated” games and to have everything zeroed in an instant – why attempt it again?
hate me, dispise me, and spam my inbox to have complaints filed against you (useless anyway as described above) and communication blocked, whatever makes you feel better about yourself, but those of you with reasonable intelligence, take to heart to what i wrote up there – microsoft is big brother and even if you dont cheat (and have power) your gs can be reset never to be seen again (since you can not appeal the decision) and after 2+ years they have yet to address real issues facing gamers – boosting and piracy yet they care about gamesaves? why? to increase a meaningless # to appear as a higher rank on a third party leaderboard…right…right…”


22 Responses to “We Spot a Confirmed Cheater in the Wild”

  1. gamesaves leads to more piracy.

  2. I don’t see how gamesaves leads to piracy. And if the ToS don’t have anything regarding gamesaves as cheating, then I agree with Legit Gamer.

  3. That gamertag was one of the original reset scores that belonged to CerealKiller all he did was change the name.

  4. also, that 50000 number has purchased a much larger % of games than the other segments in that 1.6 million and reseting score will lead to a mass playstation 3 exodus – i mean 2+ years building up a body of work with a few “cheated” games and to have everything zeroed in an instant – why attempt it again? –

    Sorry but if that’s what it will make cheaters do (convert to ps3), i’m happy. It’s pretty genius if you ask me. Microsoft will take a loss but I think they realised that before putting this method into action.

  5. exactly what unlegit gamer says thats true and all of it makes sense so relax guys barely any of you i bet have a lot of gamerscore and if you had the opportunity you would have done the same thing to get some quick gamerscore

  6. I think you’v been dealt with harshly.Bolox to them i’d say

  7. What Dan says is completely untrue.

    I’ve had the option of gamesaves available to me for the longest period of time and not once has the idea of attempting to use them even really crossed my mind.

    In the end, serves the little bastard right.

  8. 1000% with cereal. as i am a close friend of his. i been threw a lot. i have also read the ToS. Game-saving doesnt even come near the tos. yes i gamesave(cheating according to you guys) really its not cheating. but i do all my games i buy. i can pretty much say i can kick any legit gamers ass in really any first person shooter.(fear,fear files, halo3-lv49,cod4,etc) at first i didnt care about achievements till 360gs came alive. that just spark the fire. why guys wana know why people gamesave? really alot of reasons but i’ll say a few 1)to get to the top of the mgc leaderboard.(gamesavers that are in the top 25 have lifes. i dont think they’ll spent 24/7 on xbl.
    even stallion83 gamesaves. you guys may not believe it but sooner or later his time will end.”promise”cereal is twice the gamer that guy is”
    i personality would T-Bag him.
    2)people gamesave to piss of legit gamers(which rly arent any,cause boosting is cheating)
    is if theres any legit gamers(which probably is like 5%) you guys blow.
    and if ms does reset. they will loose a lot of gamers.
    just gives me another reason to buy a ps3.
    i have had a fun xbl career from good to bad. but i really dont regret anything.;)
    my personal opinion……….
    360gamesaves>ms, and those such called legit gamers.
    you guys will never win.

  9. are you kidding me? this is the same cheated tag u posted up before accept it was called stalion83 the guy has changed his name to l3g1t g4m3r. think about he has the same games played too.

  10. Very insightful post there Alex.

    Getting to the top of the MGC leaderboard by doing it illegitimately… that’s just lame as well, and shows how much of a lazy **** you are. You’re obsessed with something stupid (as much as I like adding to my gamerscore, Im never going to be at the top of any leaderboard, which is fine with me) but you fail to achieve it legitimately.

    Also, by saying it’s not in the ToS is bull, MS wouldn’t take action if it wasn’t in the ToS. Also, keep in mind that it’s Microsoft’s ToS… they can add to it as they please, which is fine by me so as long as it keeps taking care of jackasses on Xbox Live.

    Sure they’re not cheating in games, which is great, because that would REALLY piss me off. It still doesn’t change the fact that you guys are a bunch of lazy morons who think you’re hot **** because you gamesave. The fact that you guys say you don’t have time to sit on live all day and get achievements, and the fact that you continue to make new gamertags and gamesave is quite ironic isn’t it?

  11. […] We Spot a Confirmed Cheater in the Wild Add another to the Watch List – a Confirmed Cheater made an appearance in the forums. Looks like “L3GIT […] […]

  12. I agree with Cerialkiller and alex. I agree with Sufoor being reset as it was pretty much a joke account by roofus and I doubt he cares at all that it was reset, hell, he probably thinks its kinda funny. I just feel bad for cake. He owned god knows how many xbox’s and put countless hours into his account. Yes he cheated. But his legitimate score was massive and the overall completion on his profile was INSANE. He had all the leaderboard achievements in chromehounds and had the number 1 achievement in quake 4. It wouldn’t be so bad is MS just removed any cheated achievements, but he has well over 100k of legitimate achievements that MS took from him.

  13. Gamertag removed by Moderator sig on a website he visits
    Proud owner of 8 blacklisted Xbox 360s!!!
    Ranked #1 in Arizona; 1st non-hacked 200k in US – till MS took it away…

    Gamertag removed by Moderator‘s recent post suggests that he is back to cheating

    I will be playing a bunch of games over again legit to get my gs up quick – please post here if you want saves and where you want them saved at…

    I will be starting with the obviously easy games – 2k6, madden 06, ncaa 07 then onto movie titled games – after which games such as tomb raider, hitman, gun, amped, etc – this would be a good time for us to fill in some holes

    and serious requests only please – no – can you make me a save for avatar?

    at least if anyone else gets reset, it should be pretty easy of we have the saves to restart…

    Prey – prior to end of each level

    Moderator Comment: What is the URL?

  14. Why dis guy is so shameless.He is already made 0 but still he goes back to the same.I also say that yes he have a good rank in Chromehound and Quake 4 but yes this is also by cheating.This guys made a boosting mattches with many pple for this purpose.Why you dont stop to cheat and play clean now.The higher gamerscore is no use if u lose your respect in public like this way.

  15. Moderator Comment: We do not have access to that site.

  16. He is still cheating on his new account heh
    1000 kills and all online points in Rbow 6 Vgs 2 aquired on 4/4/2008.

  17. @ L3GIT G4M3R

    Do you know what ironic is?

    Firstly you state gamesaving is NOT against the terms and conditions.

    I quote major nelson who knows the TOS rather well. His blog post read “If you decide to employ some nefarious techniques to artificially increase your Gamerscore or obtain achievements by manipulating the Xbox software without playing the game, bad things will happen.”

    …or in english gamesaves are bad, mmmkay.

    If gamerscore is so unimportant why do you feel the need to be top of a list of equally sad people?

    People boosting is a pain but as I have rarely encountered it I can’t say its a major thorn in my side. Also boosting is 100% legal. You might not agree with it but those people have still played the game and done the work required to get the achievements.

    Piracy is bad and is illegal but…those pirates are still putting in the hours to earn the achievements, they may not have paid for them but at least they are doing the work.

    Arguing a case for it is pointless, you just come across as a cretin.

  18. @Cerialkiller

    ^^Proud owner of 8 blacklisted Xbox 360s!!!
    Ranked #1 in Arizona; 1st non-hacked 200k in US – till MS took it away…^^

    Crime never pays
    Cheaters always lose hehe

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