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Our Take on MTV’s Interview With “ColdRaccoon”


You have probably already read MTV’s interview with Confirmed Cheater, “ColdRaccoon,” but if you haven’t click here for an interesting read.

MTV did a superb job in not only securing the interview, but in getting the cheater to answer some probing questions. This all brings us to a greater understanding into the mentality of a cheater. “‘I started cheating, I guess, because I got addicted to gamer score completion,’” “ColdRaccoon” told MTV.

We here at Xbox Cheater Watch, like many of you, are addicted to getting Achievements and upping our Gamerscore. From what we’re seeing, cheaters are just as addicted, if not more. But what separates most cheaters from the rest of us honest gamers is perhaps a psychological component.

“Gamerscore completion,” he called it. Could cheaters share a commonality in being obsessively compulsive? Maybe it starts with having an addictive personality, then the obsessive compulsive part of the brain (everyone’s got some level of obsessive compulsive behavior in them, right?) engages the addiction, and drives the person to do whatever it takes to complete all of the Achievements in a game. In turn, whatever sort of “ethics” the cheater might have is thrown out of the window.

“ColdRaccoon” also said that, “‘It’s when they started coming out with hard games with HARD achievements is when I started.'” And from our interview with “gonucksgo2,” it’s starting to seem more and more that some form of laziness is also a driving component for cheaters. When a gamer is faced with finding all the hidden flags in a certain game, or replaying through an entire game with multiple characters just to earn those Achievements, the time-consuming nature that is required by these Achievements may put him off from accomplishing those goals. Quite possibly due to a lack of time or energy, it can boil down to an unwillingness that may be defined by some as laziness.

Now, couple the obsessive compulsive factor with the laziness factor, eliminate whatever “ethics” may be involved in making the decision to cheat, and you’ve got the psychological groundwork for cheating.

That’s not all though – we know from “gonucksgo2,” that he derived some amount of pride as well, in being able to claim 100% of the Achievements from any particular game.

Now, we don’t claim to be psychologists, professional or otherwise, but from our layman’s understanding of the mind, this makes a little bit of sense. What do you folks think?


3 Responses to “Our Take on MTV’s Interview With “ColdRaccoon””

  1. WE ARE NOT LAZY i have done more 1k’s legit than you ever will 30+ and just because i havent done some legit doesnt mean i am lazy who really wants to play through a game on easy difficulty after i beat it on the hardest if they dont stack or the achievements take exceeding amounts of time or are just nearly impossible doesnt mean i am lazy it means that i would rather play a game i like with friends

  2. Cold racoon, as nice of a guy he was. He was an idiot. He had glitched games Hacked. Having 1000 in rapella tournament fishing when the game was glitched at about 700 was such a stupid thing to do. Also having all the online achievements in FEAR and rainbow 6 acquired offline just earns him brownie points in idiot school.

  3. What happened to Gamertag removed by Moderator? Why did he change his tag and go underground?

    Moderator Comment: Who are you referring to, and more importantly, why?

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