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Doing Some More Spring Cleaning in the Watch List


So far, we’ve been keeping track of Confirmed Cheaters in our Watch List.  And under the term, “Confirmed Cheaters,” we included those who Microsoft actually caught and busted, and a couple of others who admitted to rampant cheating.  Well, from all of the feedback you’ve been submitting, the Watch List is going to be facing a small cut.
We’re going to be pruning the tree that is the Watch List by limiting the definition of “Confirmed Cheaters” to include ONLY those whose Gamerscores have been reset by Microsoft and whose profiles contain the cheater watermark.

We want the Watch List to be as accurate as possible, so we’re counting on you to help us find the others (if there are any more).  Click on the “Submit a Tip” tab, and leave a comment with your tip – if you’ve found a Confirmed Cheater, we’ll definitely update the Watch List.  If you found a rampant cheater, we’ll post him on the front page.   Thanks for your help!


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