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72% of Americans are Gamers – What % are Cheaters?


So the official numbers are in.  According to the NPD Group, a whopping 72% of all Americans play video games.  Consider that for a moment.  Nearly 3 out of every 4 Americans play video games.  And here we thought video games were only for children.

Seriously though, let’s consider a greater implication, since after all, we are a site dedicated to tracking video game cheaters.  What percentage of that 72% are cheaters?  And no, we don’t mean casual, once-in-a-while boosters.  We’re talking hardcore, rampant cheaters – the kind that land themselves on the Watch List.

America has a population of 301,139,947, according to the CIA World Factbook.  This means that about 216,820,762 Americans are gamers (is it safe to call everyone who plays games a “gamer”?).  Of that number, even if only .01% were rampant cheaters, that means there are 21,682 of them out there, in the US alone.  We can probably filter that number down even further to limit it to Xbox 360 gamers, but we’re afraid it’s likely still a staggering number – at least a whole lot more than the number of cheaters on our Watch List.

What percentage of all gamers do you think are cheaters?  Would you be more conservative than us in thinking only .01% are rampant cheaters?  And to our readers around the world, what numbers do you think your country’s numbers look like?


2 Responses to “72% of Americans are Gamers – What % are Cheaters?”

  1. i was on Link removed by Moderator and they have over 15k members so theirs a start plus all of the ones that have done spgs for gears of war, assassins creed, and such that arent so complex

  2. um i know you wont post this but the site is private why would your remove it you can always email me the answer thanks and have a nice day i am very civil and have regrets for what i have done but i will just say live and learn

    Moderator Comment: We remove links that promote cheating. We think this answers your question.

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