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The Dark Side Speaks to Xbox Cheater Watch!

Our last post brought you a look into the underworld of cheating – direct messages from a gamer who made us an indecent proposal. We certainly didn’t take him up on his offer, but we disclosed to him who we were, and asked him for an interview. In a surprise development, he agreed to answer our questions.

“Luke,” whose Gamertag (at least one of them) is “gonucksgo2,” reveals a fascinating glance into a dark world, motivated by a blend of greed, pride, and an inflated ego. His Gamercard revealed (click to enlarge):

gonucksbio.jpg profile link for “gonucksgo2.” Note that his bio has since been changed.

And now, here is the interview, in full:


Q: First off, do you mind identifying yourself, or at least your Gamertag for this interview? If so, that won’t be a problem. If you don’t mind, what is your name and and what are your Gamertags?

A: My name is Luke and my gamertag is gonucksgo2 (come and get me MS!!!!). I have just started a new gamertag. I had a tag that was well over 100,000 until I gave up the gamerscore.

Q: Let’s get right to it then. What exactly do you do to increase yours or others’ Gamerscores?

A: Gamesave or play games legit.

Q: How many people have you increased Gamerscores for?

A: More then 50 gamertags.

Q: How do people usually get in touch with you?

A: Certain sites.

Q: Do you belong to a community of gamers who do what you do?

A: I have recently yes.

Q: What do you think of what Microsoft has been doing in response to the cheating?

A: Microsoft is a joke and will never take us down. They are hurting there business and we as a community of gamesavers will never quit. If our tags get reset we start a new one (like i have started a new one). Microsoft has poorly tried to stop gamesaving yet this gamerscore that they developed got people so hooked that they can’t stop them.

Q: Are you afraid of getting caught by Microsoft?

A: Nope. Microsoft can’t do anything to me that will make me afraid in anyway. Microsoft is a bunch of bluffers in my opinion. They say they will reset and sure they reset what 10 people?? Some of which who dont even use there tag anymore. Mark my words MS will not reset anybody else. FREE CEREALKILLER5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Do you know any of the Confirmed Cheaters on the Watch List?

Yes I know all of them… some of which I happened to be friends with. Your site has missed a few as well..

Q: If you do know any of them, have you communicated with them and what have they said about the whole situation?

They say that your site is a joke. I agree. What are you trying to accomplish here? I mean seriously get a life.

Q: Do you perceive what you do to be cheating?

Undermining the system if I might say so myself.

Q: What is the biggest misconception that people have about what you do, or what your motives are?

Noobs look up to me.

Q: Why do you increase Gamerscores in this way instead of getting them without boosting/cheating/hacking?

Doesnt take as much time. I mean who would want to sit online for 100+ hours getting an achievement when I can simply gamesave it in 10 minutes. I mean what’s the difference?

Q: Do you buy games, or do you rent or hack them?

Not applicable.


Well there you have it, folks. An unabashed dealer of Achievements. Clearly in violation of Xbox Live’s Terms of Use, and playing with fire, he seems to have no qualms in engaging in this form of cheating. Keep in mind that contacting this person is in violation of the Xbox Live Terms of Use.


11 Responses to “The Dark Side Speaks to Xbox Cheater Watch!”

  1. This guy is full of it. Only 2-3 people know the MS keys to hack and resign. Believe me he is not one of them.

  2. Here is his original tag as well:

    Moderator Comment: Good find! Though we have seen imposters of gamers before. Of interest is this from his bio: “My other gamertags : Tc soldi3r187, Kris the 13oss, VorticalOhio, XxIllegalTacoxX, sherleytempel24”

  3. First of all, gonucksgo is my boyfriend, and we made his account together. All of those other gamertags mentioned in the bio are mine except Tc soldi3r187. And If you didnt no Tcsoldi3r187 is Tc soldier of the #5 Major leaue Gaming clan famous as Team Classic. I will assure you one more thing. Gonucksgo is our family friend’s gamertag kindly given to us. I too predict it had been gamesaving but that doesnt give this site the authority to pronounce it as a gamesaver any more as this gamertag now belongs to me and my Boyfriend that I love. Gonucksgo1 is our family friend.

  4. Wrong, Steve. There is a site that I’m aware of that gives you free/almost free access to their resigner for game saves.

    Personally, there is only one good reason that I can think of that I would actually use for resigning game saves, and that would be to transfer a save from the PC version of Oblivion to the 360. You can go from 360 to PC with game saves, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you can go PC to 360.

  5. His interview went exactly like I figured one of them would act. Immature and arrogant. The irony of him telling the interviewer to ‘get a life’ is hilarious. I was hoping to see some insightful answers and something to make sense of what they’re doing, but it was not to be.

  6. “They are hurting there[sic] business”

    they sure are…how much did that new gold account cost you again?

    Oh, to be 12 and incredibly stupid again…

  7. Harrison, if you don’t gamesave then you don’t know who can actually do what. Hacking games is different then GS, and there is only 1 site that has an ACTUAL working resigner. There are lots of sites out there saying they have one buts its all fake at the moment.

  8. Yeah, pretty much everyone at an achievement forum knew this guy was a glitcher/gamesaver. One day he had a respectable gamerscore… Then it balloned. He’d have someone do his GH achievements and had a bunch of games with quick ach. gains. He then later started advertisign that he’d get points for cash. Not to mention he was pretty much a douche on the forums (but you can tell from his interview he’s clueless).


    this person is a joke look at his winning eleven 2008 acheiments i mean he did 100g in the same day i mean come on why hasnt this guy been reset yet.

    telling us to get a life but there people like you gamesaving/hacking just to bump your gamerscore thats sad!!!

  10. He says noobs look up to him ,well unless they are 5years old or under can’t see why anbody would look up to such a loser.
    The difference between getting the ach’s legit is the fun in getting them , And getting them from cheating is well rather sad from a rather sad person who most likly has no friends in real life.And his girlfriend? is just as bad .Maybe Microsoft should look and banning the console for a year or something to try and stop cheaters

  11. IT is pretty funny that they get such high gamerscore so maybe by chance if there being gay in the pre-game lobby some one will go to give em bad rep and see see ther Gs And say cool lol? But everyone is right the point of gs is u had a good/Hard time working for it and it makes u feel good to know u did it and u can pwn 1337 H4x0r N00bs anyday

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