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Solicitations from the Dark Side

As we were investigating an anonymous tip on a gamer, we accidentally sent a Friend Request to the gamer in question. Little did we know what would transpire from that mishap. Very soon after sending the Friend Request, the following Xbox Live messages were sent to us (Gamertag protected for possible interview; click pic for bigger version):


After he sent us a fourth message, we asked, “What’s your asking price?” He sent this message in response:


And after the fifth message, we informed him that we were from Xbox Cheater Watch, and that we would love to interview him – in which he could remain anonymous, of course. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard from him since.

So this is how one part of the seedy underground of cheating looks like. Now where’s the disinfectant?

Edit: Soon after this post was…posted, the gamer contacted us for an interview!  We hope to have the interview up shortly.  Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Solicitations from the Dark Side”

  1. his gamerpic describes his reaction after you told him you were from here

  2. Gamertag removed by Moderator

    another similar crook but he got reset

    Moderator Comment: There is no cheater watermark associated with this Gamertag. If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us. Please note however that we are currently investigating only the most rampant cheaters.

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