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Gamer “Kaens” Lists “Gamesaverless Leaderboard”

Over at is a list similar to the Watch List, but instead of being filled with Confirmed Cheaters, “Kaens” lists gamers he believes attained Gamerscores without resorting to cheating. We’re not exactly sure how “Kaens” comes to these determinations, but we are pretty sure he does his homework before listing a gamer on his list. Click here for the list.

Of interest is the name at the top of the leaderboard: “Stallion83,” who has appeared to have been impersonated by a cheater, “Stalion83” (this cheater has since been caught and punished by Microsoft and is on our Watch List). Unfortunately, “Stalion83” doesn’t seem to be the only gamer on this leaderboard that has had an “impersonator” who has cheated.

We at Xbox Cheater Watch commend Kaens for keeping such a list and helping preserve the integrity of the Gamerscore system.

Thanks especially to “Sean (DeeJay2e),” whom himself was also apparently impersonated, for linking us to “Kaens'” leaderboard.


10 Responses to “Gamer “Kaens” Lists “Gamesaverless Leaderboard””

  1. Keans leaderboard is a joke. I know plenty of people on there who have gamesaved. How exactly did maxim dane beat chapter 2 on quake 4 before he beat chapter one? Look at mabens motogp 06 and earth defense force. Thats not right is it? No not by a LONG shot.

    I could go on and on about the keans list. I can see 15 cheaters on the first page. Hell, he knows there are cheaters on there he just puts his friends up.

  2. Monkey, did you actually look at Maxim Dane’s Quake 4 list? He clearly has beaten chapter 1 before chapter 2. Here is the link to his Quake 4, given that you couldn’t be bothered to provide one for everybody else.

    Kaens definitely does his homework and is a well respected member of the xbox community.

  3. Kaens leaderboard does not automatically remove cheaters nor does it automatically add legit players. It is the best attempt at a “legit” leaderboard out there. It is maintained by Kaens solo. If you feel that someone needs to be removed you simply message Kaens and he will look into it. Don’t attack someone’s work just because they don’t spend there entire time looking at people’s gamercards.

    Moderator Comment: Perhaps you did not read this: “We at Xbox Cheater Watch commend Kaens for keeping such a list and helping preserve the integrity of the Gamerscore system.”

  4. Look again at maxim. His Lieutenant difficulty. He beat act 2 before act one. So don’t talk to me like I don’t know what I’m talking about. Oh and I’v traded with a few of the people on that list. Would you like me to post copies of there accounts?

  5. monkey… can you please name more than 2 out of the 15 that you believe cheated.

  6. I have PM’ed keans about adds and deletes from the list. Never got a reply. I even sent him a mega upload link to a copy of one of his buddies accounts. That guy’s still on the list.

  7. That list is slightly out of date as Kaens created it a long time ago and, as far as I’m aware, doesn’t make many changes to it anymore. Not because he keeps his buddies on there but because it would be a time consuming and constant task. I’m sure he has better things to do.

  8. I was told about this thread so here I am. I’ll quickly answer a few things that have come up here, but basically what Lee said is exactly right. The numbers I list here are which post above I’m replying too.

    1. I removed Maben. His EDF is impossible, but I don’t know why you think the motogp is impossible. Maxim Dane’s Q4 definitely is out of order but I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Launch titles achievements are notoriously screwy and it’s possible that his chapter 1 didn’t pop because it was bugged and when he earned the chapter 2 it popped. That’s a case where I would look at the rest of the card and see if he’s got a bunch of other things that are suspicious. I dunno, he still could be shady, I’m at work and not looking to hard at his card.

    2. Thanks Borandi!

    3. Exactly! I posted a detailed explanation of how it’s self policed somewhere (probably but I don’t know where it is now. Point is, I don’t manually go through 1000s of tags daily. Screw that.

    4. Yup they are out of order. As for the account trading, I definitely think that’s cheating, but I can’t prove people have done that by looking at their card. Look again at my list, it CLEARLY states that it’s gamesaverless list. Not a cheat free list. I’m not tracking down people who trade accounts, people who let their brother play on their tag, people who profile glitch (unless it ends up looking gamesaved like GoW does), etc. Where I cut it off is simple cut & dry – is what is on their tag impossible.

    5. That’d be nice since he claims to see 15 people on the front page, yet his two examples are #10 and previously #50.

    6. I never got a list from you. I don’t know where you PM’ed that to me, but I look at everything that is sent to me on live, pm’ed to me at x360a, or pm’ed to me at MGC. If you sent it to me on live and I didn’t see it, well I probably have blocked communication because you annoyed me.

    7. Yes, it’s been nearly a year since I sat there and went through the cards. I’m considering doing it again because there has been a resurgence of people asking me about it. If I do, I’ll change the info in the description on the mgc description above the list. Frankly though, it takes DAYS to go through all those cards and I’d rather play my games.

    In the meantime, I’m still looking at adds/deletes people send me, but I very rarely reply. You can figure it out if I added you or took the suspected gamesaver off the list.

  9. in on kaens leaderboard tag Scar7humb its great a non gamesaving leaderboard existes good work kaens,there are a few suss tags on there though but mostly genuine imo.

  10. In response to my name comming up in this discussion i can tell you why and how quake has out of sync achivements.

    I dont personally care about any lists my name appears on cause my gamerscore is for my personal use only and i am not in it to compete against other people.

    Back in 2006 my console broke down and i took it in for returns and did the horrible mistake of returning it with my harddrive loosing saves on a few games i was currently playing.

    A friend of mine who owned some sort of memory car thingy brought it over along with some saves for the games i lost, i remember that it was Quake 4, Kameo and Dead Rising. These saves gave me some achivements i didnt already have but i still played the games through like i would have normally..

    If Kaens wants me removed from his list then so be it…. it really dosnt bother me but looking at my tag would clearly show i havnt used gamesaving on anything… These 3 games gave me some unwanted achives that i would have gotten anyway since i played them..

    Anyways Nice site…… congrats on the setup on it

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