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Unlocking Online Achievements Offline?

“svr082” over at the forums posted a screenshot from the profile of “o Wako o.” Looks like “o Wako o” performed some rather miraculous feats, earning some Achievements from a few games that require online play – all without ever playing online!

Click on the image for a bigger version.


Thanks also to reader “Chris” for pointing this out!

Edit: Screenshot edited – thanks “John Doe” for clarifying the bewildering Achievements!


12 Responses to “Unlocking Online Achievements Offline?”

  1. If you actually look at the games that are outlined red they do not require Online play. Now the two above them do infact require Online play.

  2. the only way thats possible is if they were hacked damn i cant believe someone did that i always wanted 1k from graw but hacking for it is just wrong

  3. The game below those highlighted is Shadowrun, an online-only game, that’s never been played online by the guy. That would make it hard to get 1K in, for sure. His total score is 31K, which goes to show that you don’t have to have over 100K to catch the gamesaving bug.

  4. I gave up playing those 3 achievs (world ranks) cause its way to hard… this guy was stupid… at least he could’ve play the game online lol

    *JD Buck: That wasnt gamesaving man, how can you gamesave online achievements without playing online? Impossible. The game was hacked

  5. look at shadowrun…hacker must be banned!! all the games that say never are hacked my roofus

  6. Gamertag removed by Moderator is another one of those hacker tags and he has changed his tag to avoid being on this site. I have a older copy of his profile and am willing to upload it for all to see his dateless hacked gamerscore.

    Moderator Comment: Feel free to submit a tip by leaving a comment under the “Submit a Tip” page. Thank you.

  7. here is the list of games with 100g and didnt play online

    saints row
    saints row brb
    ghost recon
    r6 vegas
    perfect dark zero
    full auto
    quake 4

    now these are a quick look at his profile but there could be more !!!!

  8. i ment 100g not 100 and how can you even get those achemiements without playing online he must be banned.

  9. um perfect dark zero doesn’t require online play to get the achievments, all achivements can be donei n splitscreen or system link

  10. what is gamesaving? if you don’t mind me asking

    Moderator Comment: It is one form of Gamerscore cheating. We will not provide you will details.

  11. actually perfect dark does require online play only a small amount of acheiments can be done on split screen and system link ive read the guide and thats that.

  12. Looks like he is either about to get labeled as a cheater, or he deleted his gamertag. No more achievements for him are showing up, but he still has his gamerscore.

    Unless he turned his stuff to private.

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