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Another Confirmed Cheater Spotted!

Our sharp-eyed readers keep writing in with great leads, and this time, “the source” reports in to add “Stalion83,” another Confirmed Cheater, to the Watch List.

We were able to access this cheater’s profile at, but soon after, it has appeared that this account has been deleted! Even shows no such Gamertag. We’re really not sure what happened here, but hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Fortunately however, we took a screenshot of the profile for the record books. Take a look at the latest addition to the Watch List (click the image to make bigger):


Edit: Thanks to all of our readers who submitted an interesting find. We have not yet confirmed whether or not this is the same person, but the similarities are striking. Make of it what you will!:

Edit2: Several readers have chimed in and commented that “Stallion83” was impersonated by “Stalion83.” If this is the case, then what we DO know is that Microsoft caught and busted the right gamer for cheating.

Edit3: And in another interesting development, reader “Lurker” discovered that Stallion83 “has japanese games on his account but his locale is from the u.s. He has 3 versions of Enchanted Arms.” Looks like everyone will have to be drawing their own conclusions on this one.

Edit4: We’ll go with “Kaens” on this one.  “Stallion83” looks to be a victim in this case of impersonation and possible attempt at framing.  See this link for additional info.


30 Responses to “Another Confirmed Cheater Spotted!”

  1. Whoever did that took the time to replicate his gamerpic, bio, motto, etc. He should get extra banned for trying to defraud another member like that.

  2. As far as Edit3, many of the large-scoring people have imported Japanese Xboxes along with games to further increase their score. I don’t know if they simply keep their account on a memory card, or if they have to recover it each time, but you can tell a Japanese console to be in the ‘US’ region right on the System blade.

    Anyway, this isn’t to say that I believe the user in question to be 100% ‘legitimate’ in their Achievements (I’ve always had my doubts), but these are not the correct pieces of evidence.

  3. Only these people were reset
    Sufoor, Stripclubdj, Cold Raccoon, Cerealkiller5, im78yearsold

    Moderator Comment: Actually, if you check the Watch List, there are more gamers whose Gamerscores were corrected by Microsoft.

  4. I know a couple people who purchased a Japanese-region 360 through ebay. There’s also a Euporean-coded 360’s as well. Games like you mentioned with Enchanted Arms are available on multiple regions. Is playing the same game 3 times more than most of us would be willing to do in the quest for achievements? Absoulutely. Is it cheating? I don’t think so at all, and it certainly doesn’t fit the criteria for gamesaving.

    Moderator Comment: That is certainly one theory. But as we stated, everyone will have to draw their own conclusions with regards to this particular situation.

  5. I have one of Stallion83’s friends on my friend list, I’ve been keeping an eye on his profile for a while. He is still legit.

  6. LOL The length these haters will go just to spite Stallion is incredible. And shame on whoever here thought there’s enough proof to associate stallion with this obvious phony. I think a little more investigation on your part is due before you throw someone to the wolves like that. It’s only going to cause him to receive more unjust grief from the XBL community. There are dozens of threads on many websites showing just how much hackers & gamesaver despise stallion 4 staying legit. These are people who were caught cheating red handed. Do you really think they’re above trying to frame their most hated rival? Are gamers added to this site by pure speculation now? No evidence needed?

    Moderator Comment: This comment was posted from the same IP address as a similar comment submitted by reader “Omega Deez” so only this comment will be posted.

  7. The saddo who tried to fraud this guy should get a permanent ban. Seriously, why would you want to do that?

  8. I don’t know Stallion83 personally, but he’s a member of the same online community as I am, and he is 100% legit. He’s boosted, (had friends intentionally lose to him, etc.) but that’s it. He’s earned every achievement he has and fulfilled the requirements entirely. Link removed by Moderator the site we’re both members of, does not welcome gamesavers or anyone who gets achievements illegitimately. He’s #1 on our site’s leaderboard, and the rightful owner of #1 on He might have games such as Enchanted Arms and Conan on his card more than once, but he’s played these games more than once. He’s never broken the Microsoft T+C, and is therefore not a cheater.

    Some gamesaver, upon having his account ‘reset’, thought it would be cool to rename himself “Stalion83”, and change his motto, bio, location, and gamercard to resemble Stallion83’s. That’s all that happened.

  9. oh please, stallion had an account on 360gamesaves when gamesaving 1st came out. many have reported seeing his gamertag there. he was usually in trouble for flaming others and downloading saves. There are even a few that done games for him.

  10. Stalion83 iz the Cerealkiller5 tag renamed to frame him

  11. There is no reason for people to draw their own conclusions. He is legit. Period. He owns NSTC, PAL and NTSC-J systems and plays games from every region.

    Moderator Comment: Link removed.

  12. Stallion83 is 100% legit and should not have his score removed. He should be #1 on the leaderboard, but there are too many cheaters

  13. Stallion83 has been a part of the gamersave-free community for a very long time. His name shouldn’t even be on this page. He’ll be on top once this all gets sorted. Paying to own systems in different regions and the games to play on them along with actually accomplishing the work multiple times affords him the right to own the score for the same game multiple times.

  14. In response to “Edit3” I would like to say this:
    as a legit gamerscore whore myself, it is common knowledge that many of the world’s highest gamers have more than one xbox. They on average have a Us (NTSC), a japanese one (NTSC-J) and a european one (PAL), so they can play all those import games. It just so happens that there are 3 version of Enchanted Arms, where different achievements are obtainable, explaining games showing up multiple times on a list, and japanese games as well.

    Any achievement based website, will tell you that Stallion83 has the highest legit gamerscore in the world, and that Stalion83 guy is trying to pretend to be him.

  15. Anyone can make a tag similar to each and every tag on XBL. They can also use the same motto & bio if they wish since we don’t copyright them. His gamer pic can be downloaded off of marketplace as well. Having the real Stallion83 on your site is unfair to him. There are no discrepancies on his gamercard that call for him to be here. Nor is he a confirmed cheater. Besides, from day 1 Stallion83 has claimed to be legit and his stance hasn’t changed. Do you really think he would be dumb enough to implicate himself as a cheater a few days after MS starts correcting gamerscore?

    I understand everyone will draw their own conclusions on this but having Stallion83’s tag posted under “another confirmed cheater” will most likely result in people having their minds made up for them. Just to be clear, I am talking about Stallion83 with 2 L’s not Stalion83 the poser. The poser should be here.

  16. I would just like to say that Stallion83 is completely legit.
    I hope all ends well and Stallion83 is not going to have anything put against him.

  17. Thats a fake, chances are stallion is number 1 legit.

  18. Just so you know…. thats a photoshopped image. The original creator just spelt stallions name wrong. Seriously people.

    Moderator Comment: Actually it’s a simple crop of a screenshot we took of that cheater’s profile. In other words, it is not manufactured.

  19. Ok if stallion is so legit then look at his profile and look at rainbow six vegas 2-he has the officer achievement but not the provate first class-I happen to know that at Link removed by Moderator there is a gamesave that allows you to get all online achievements-but it says in the readme file included with the save that you have to get the private first class achievement legit first or else youre acct will be glitched-so theres the proof everyone was looking for and his account is visible for everyone to see-he has 990 in the game but no private first class but he has all the other ranks!!! Totally NOT LEGIT-Mods please check this for yourself-look at his profile

    Moderator Comment: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 has a known issue with that particular Achievement. Those who have played Rainbow Six: Vegas will not earn the Private First Class Achievement due to a glitch in the game.

  20. Ha ha, way to do your research Bob. If you play the first Vegas game you get a number of exp points when you play the second one – sadly this points gift takes you above what is required for Pvt First Class hence it will no unlock. The deleopers are working to rectify this situation.

    To clarify – Stallion83 is legit so get your facts right.

  21. Man you guys sure do like to ride roosters dont you and oh yeah a cheater is a cheater-One guy in a earlier reply has verified in fact that he and Stallion have boosted-Which is against the terms-READ THEM. So a cheater is a cheater and that makes him NOT LEGIT-legit is having the skill to do it without boosting. Boosting is also cheating guys and for all of you who are praising Miscrosoft for their actions on gamerscore-Wait until they refine their searches and go after boosters-Then well all see if youre so happy-And mark my words the day will come-otherwise they open themselves up for discrimaination lawsuits

  22. a lawsuit?

    Choke yourself to death plz.

  23. First off to all you “legit gamers” out there your just as guilty as the so called gamesavers and hackers. If you have ever used a cheat code, glitch, or boosted with a “friend” then you are a cheater also and should get the hell off your pedestal. As far as Stallion he’s a cheater too he’s boosted with friends and was a member of the GS site along time ago. If you look at his achievements alot to of them were done offlinge ei rumble rose. And about the time that he finished up that game the saves had just came out for that game same thing for Moto GP 06. I’ve called him out on numerous times because he was never a legit gamer.

    Instead of MS targeting all gs and hackers what they need to do it get the modders and ppl that burn games. All this time MS has wasted could have been used for better things ei working on the dashboard to implement Group Chat and other things.

  24. It just seems that a save that unlocks 930 for simpsons is exactly the same amount that he has. That save didn’t have all time trials unlocked, and you have to do heavenly score for yourself. So with that being said, check it out!

  25. The time challanges were a pain, and he has timestamps on his cheevos. He couldn’t have gamesaved it.

  26. Boosting is not the same as hacking/gamesaving no matter how you argue it. Boosters will never be banned just like people will never stop pulling that argument out of their butts when saying Stallion83 isn’t legit. If your just mad because you need somebody to boost with send me a msg on live. I’ll help you out. So many of you are quick to say Stallion’s a cheater yet none of you have ever presented any proof. Only your word. Your word is not enough to be prove anything besides you like to ride his rooster as well. Prove it is all I’m saying. Prove it.

    HHH, do you really think using a cheat code is the same as hacking/gamesaving? Last time I checked cheat codes came from the developers of the games. I’ve never received a gamesave or hacking tips when a purchased a new game. I do agree with you about MS spending more time targeting modders and ppl that burn games though. Group chat would also be great addition.

  27. From


    2. in accordance with established rules, principles, or standards.

    Microsoft T+C are the established rules in the case of boosting, and they allow it.

    This isn’t a point that can be argued. If you follow the T+C of Microsoft, you’re legitimate. End of story.

  28. @Really – Maybe the reason he doesnt have the achievement is because they are a pain in the ass?

    @HHH and Bob – Boosting is not cheating, and boosters will never be punished, since it is literally impossible to tell if someone boosted or got an online achievement legit. If you’ve ever asked team mates to use a specific weapon on a map, then you’ve boosted since they let you have it and you worked towards an achievement… Lets not be silly though. I also stand by this comment and my next one. In-game Cheats. They are completely fair game. The makers of the game put them in, and allow you to use them and receive gamerscore, everyone has the same playing field,a dn its their fault for putting it there. Profile trading and Hacking on the other hand are not good. You dont actually do anything in the game to gain score, so therefore it is bad..

    Stallion83 and I are part of the same online community based on achievements. We know he is legit and that’s why he is at the top of our leaderboards, he hasn’t done anything wrong.

  29. In all fairness the debate is still ongoing.
    Link removed by Moderator

  30. How is Stallion legit? if i looked at it wrong i’m sorry but i went to his profile and they guy has 215,630 gs. how on gods green earth is that possible to get legally? it’s simply not possible to get that many unless hes a drooling fat guy who has no life or job and sits drooling at the tv 24 hours a day, and you can say hes legit but i could never believe that, it’s just not possible

    Moderator Comment: If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us.

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