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Ludwig and James Expose Another Shady Bio

Readers “Ludwig” and “James” brought this gamer to our attention:

When you click on the profile link above, you’ll see this not-so-subtle-bio:


Talk about shady! Thanks “Ludwig” and “James” for the lead!


6 Responses to “Ludwig and James Expose Another Shady Bio”

  1. cant wait for him to lose his profile for a second time you deserve it for cheating so much

  2. I love how he’s changed his bio since he’s been exposed!

  3. Well good thing we have a picture of it from before hand huh?

  4. hey moderator why do you delete my messages im telling the truth

    Moderator Comment: Please note that while Xbox Cheater Watch definitely appreciates all of our readers submitting leads and tips – just keep in mind that only Confirmed Cheaters (in other words, they were marked and punished by Microsoft for cheating) and admitted/confessed rampant cheaters will make the Watch List. And only the most egregious Unconfirmed Cheaters (those who have not yet been caught by Microsoft) will be posted in this blog.

  5. thanks moderator just trying to spread the history of Gamertags removed by Moderator.

    Moderator Comment: Who?

  6. Check his new Bio LOL

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