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Fuzzy Math Leads to Suspicious Gamerscores

We’ve been getting a lot of tips leading to gamers who have Gamerscores and gaming histories that reflect possible foul play.

For instance, some gamers appear to have unlocked certain Achievements before a pre-requisite Achievement. Reader “David Creech” gives one example where a gamer “got the Collector achievement before he unlocked two of the achievements that indicate he had collectible items,” in the game, “Table Tennis.”

Another example of possible cheating we’ve been seeing is where a gamer has unlocked a substantial number of Achievements for one or more games in a single day. David Creech found one gamer who “unlocked 100 hours played before 10 hours played, not to mention all costumes, and some crazy survival achievements before 10 hours played,” in the game, “Dead or Alive 4.” Reader “ViciousDude” found a gamer who “has the online achievements of gears of war all at one day including a seriously and much of the achievements of Halo 2 (pc) in one day.”

We cannot speculate as to why Microsoft has not yet taken action against these gamers, but we do know that Microsoft has now set a precedence in punishing Gamerscore cheating, and those who continue to cheat are now on notice that they could possibly be on Microsoft’s radar.

Xbox Cheater Watch definitely appreciates all of our readers submitting leads and tips – just keep in mind that only Confirmed Cheaters (in other words, they were marked and punished by Microsoft for cheating) and admitted rampant cheaters will make the Watch List. And only the most egregious Unconfirmed Cheaters (those who have not yet been caught by Microsoft) will be posted in this blog.


2 Responses to “Fuzzy Math Leads to Suspicious Gamerscores”

  1. I’d like to point out something about DoA4 that I found out.

    Now I left my 360 on for the timed achievements – well, on overnight so I could get the 5/10hrs achs. When I got up the next morning, the achievements hadnt unlocked. So I set up a single player match, played it, and the 10hr and 5hr achievements unlocked – in that order. So it looks like I’ve got the achs out of order, when in reality the programming checks for the 10hrs played before the 5hrs played, thus unlocking the achievements.

    Just to point out that I’m totally against gamesaving in any way shape or form. I’ve just come across this site, so I’ll be adding it to my RSS feed and be reading 😉

  2. Some games unfortunately have glitched achievements. .skate, in particular. Many, MANY people have found the entire list of achievements being awarded to them accidentally. I personally got awarded some of the later storyline achievements, but not earlier ones. So my gamerscore also has some ‘fuzzy maths’, but not through cheating or gamesaving.

    Let’s hope Microsoft is being very, very thorough with this.

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