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Unconfirmed Cheaters Removed from Watch List

As many of you know, we have been tracking gamers who have been deemed “Cheaters” by Microsoft, and have had their Gamerscores corrected. These cheaters (among admitted cheaters) have been listed on our Watch List. In addition to these Confirmed Cheaters, we listed a few gamers who we considered potential or alleged cheaters, but without direct confirmation from Microsoft that they were in fact cheaters.

The criteria in listing the “Unconfirmed Cheaters” in the Watch List required that the gamer’s Gamerscore be reduced to zero (or close to zero), and that the gamer’s profile indicate that many Achievements have previously been unlocked. These factors led to the identification of several alleged cheaters.

We have now removed those gamers from the Watch List. Through our investigation and with the help of many readers here at Xbox Cheater Watch, we have determined that there is a substantial likelihood that these particular gamers may have simply changed their Gamertags to new ones, thus the discrepancy. While we have not determined whether or not any of these gamers have actually cheated on their Gamerscore, we do recognize that our criteria did not account for Gamertag changes.

Thus, we have removed the Unconfirmed Cheaters from, and will continue to list Confirmed Cheaters on the Watch List. To that end, we at Xbox Cheater Watch thank all the readers who have contributed to our investigations.


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