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georgie17891 Finds a Shady Bio

Check out this bold admission “georgie17891” discovered in “crossfade xx’s” Bio:


Sounds like “crossfade xx” could be into some nefarious Gamerscore activities! We guess “crossfade xx” only abnormally trades his account to people.


2 Responses to “georgie17891 Finds a Shady Bio”

  1. First of all I liked to say that we at Clan Bnb appreciate you are doing and that if there is anyway that we can help just let us know. Secondly I spottted this guy in the offical xbox live discussion forums. It was just announced that Msoft was going to punish cheaters and this guy had a fit. What made his fit worst was that his gamerscore was over 133 thousand and his profile was blocked. His gamertag is: Public I Enemy

    Moderator Comment: We read those posts as well – makes you wonder why he has such a problem with Microsoft’s crackdown on Gamerscore cheating?

  2. Yes Gamertag removed by Moderator has had games hacked. He has 1k quake 4 and FEAR without playing it online.

    Moderator Comment: Xbox Cheater Watch definitely appreciates all of our readers submitting leads and tips – just keep in mind that only Confirmed Cheaters (in other words, they were marked and punished by Microsoft for cheating) and admitted rampant cheaters will make the Watch List. And only the most egregious Unconfirmed Cheaters (those who have not yet been caught by Microsoft) will be posted in this blog.

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