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Another Q & A Post

x Beta 420 x asks: Why is it most of the cheaters are silvers?

A: There is no obvious answer, but not all Xbox gamers in general have Gold Live accounts. Perhaps some cheaters recently canceled their Gold Live accounts when their Gamerscores were corrected? Who knows?

Anonymous asks: Can you reset ________’s Gamerscore?

A: No we cannot. We don’t actually correct anyone’s Gamerscores – only Microsoft has the capability to do that. This is merely a tracking site; we only keep a Watch List of cheaters.

GreenX0 asks: How do you know for sure who’s cheating?

A: The only way to know with absolute certainty is when you see this message in the gamer’s profile:


However, we also look at the evidence to determine if there is a very strong likelihood of cheating. For instance, if a person’s Gamerscore has been corrected to ZERO, yet their profile shows that they previously unlocked a lot of Achievements, or if they make an admission to cheating, then we would consider them to be Unconfirmed Cheaters, or cheaters that have not yet been confirmed by Microsoft.

If we receive information from Microsoft that any of these Unconfirmed Cheaters did not cheat, then they would be removed from the Watch List.

Thanks for the questions folks!


2 Responses to “Another Q & A Post”

  1. Does Playing other Language games count to cheating? If it does I think he cheats.

    Gamertag removed by Moderator.

    Moderator Comment: No, playing other language games is not necessarily cheating, and certainly not for our purposes.

  2. They use silver accounts because a) cheaters don’t want to pay for things and they don’t need to play on Live! to get the achievements anyway, b) if their account gets messed up, canceled, etc they can just switch to a new one(s), and c) they have multiple at the same time. I don’t even have any inside info, this is just obvious.

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