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Anonymous Tip Leads to Confirmed Cheater Who Founded Gamesaves360

We received an anonymous tip this morning on the identification of yet another Confirmed Cheater:

The fascinating thing about this ID is that this cheater is purportedly the FOUNDER of, a site that perpetuated much of the cheating. Ironically however, “Anger Wound” reported “CerealKiller5” to us yesterday.

Edit: Thank you for everyone who has written in on this, but yes, we realize that the “Anger Wound” who reported “CerealKiller5” to Xbox Cheater Watch may not necessarily be the same person as “Ang R Wound.” The quotation marks are there for a reason.


5 Responses to “Anonymous Tip Leads to Confirmed Cheater Who Founded Gamesaves360”

  1. I applaud exposing the known cheaters. I find it fun to see those deserving getting their come-uppance.

    However, I completely disagree with the idea of posting “unconfirmed” cheaters gamertags. If they have in fact cheated, they will be exposed, and you can expose them here.

    However, you run the risk of putting blameless folks up to direct attack – they’ll be potentially getting friend requests simply for the result of ridicule.

    Do the right thing and take the “suspected” cheaters gamertags off. You already did it for the unconfirmed gamertag sale comment – do the same for the unconfirmed.

    Moderator Comment: Thank you for your thoughts. We are currently investigating all “Unconfirmed Cheaters,” but for now there is substantial evidence that speaks for itself. We would like to remind everyone that Unconfirmed Cheaters are UNCONFIRMED CHEATERS.

  2. It is guys are cheaters :

    Gamertags removed by Moderator

    Moderator Comment: Please keep in mind that only confirmed cheaters, confessed rampant cheaters, and gamers whose Gamerscores have been reduced to zero are currently being tracked and investigated.

  3. A scenario for one to consider.

    I have a live gamertag/account. My son & other children have only offline profiles.

    I have a refurbished console, and Live Arcade games that require me to sign-in to play the full version.

    My kids play games with my gamertag signed-in (Live Arcade games and retail disks).

    These games show up as if I’ve played them, even if I have no gamerscore for them.

    All this is to merely suggest great care in assuming things like “gamerscore reduced to zero” and such. Though it looks as if someone’s played a few games, they themselves might not have been the ones actually playing, hence explaining why they have little or no gamerscore.

    Moderator Comment: We take great care in considering who may appear to be cheating. Not only do we investigate the gamer’s profile and history, but we also investigate their profile. A person who’s Gamerscore is ZERO, but profile is filled with unlocked Achievements is indicative of apparent cheating. In contrast, a gamer who has zero Achievements unlocked and has a Gamerscore to reflect that does not raise any suspicions of cheating.

  4. Appreciate all the kind responses to all my queries and concerns.

    It is nice to see you didn’t simply knee-jerk react to this, and have a well thought-out process!

    Thank you for alleviating my concerns.

  5. its 360gamesaves not Gamesaves360


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