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The Profile that Says it All

Fireball9 (thanks also to commenter david_b) over at the forums brought this Xbox profile to our attention:


Edit: As of March 30, 2008, it looks like this Gamertag has been deleted!  Fortunately, that screenshot will remain as evidence.


4 Responses to “The Profile that Says it All”

  1. This tag previously belonged to (Gamertag removed by Moderator). He sold the tag to (Gamertag removed by Moderator) for $1500 at 210K.

    Moderator Comment: Without substantial evidence, we won’t post those Gamertags here.

  2. ha, what kinda rube pays for a gamerscore?

  3. What gamer pic is that?

    Moderator Comment: If you hover your cursor over his Gamerpic at his profile, you’ll see what Gamerpic pack it is from.

  4. um how is unconfirmed if he has no played games but his gamerscore is 225480?

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