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Some Quick Comments

Some readers of Xbox Cheater Watch have expressed a few questions and concerns about this blog, and this is a good as time as any to address them.

Q: “Nicholas” asks: Can i help bust cheaters?

A: Absolutely – anyone can help add cheaters to the Xbox Cheater Watch List. Just leave a comment in the List or in any post here, and we’ll take it from there. When trying to identify a cheater, check the gamer’s profile at to see if Microsoft has already identified him. Also, check to see if the gamer has a ZERO Gamerscore, but has apparently unlocked some Achievements (you should reference to see what Achievements the gamer has unlocked). Lastly, check to see if the gamer has admitted to cheating in any game forums or user groups.

Q: “Anger Wound” asks: What does this site accomplish anyways?

A: This blog is here to identify and track all cheaters who have had their Gamerscores “corrected” by Microsoft. Not only does this site help to make sure the system is working, but it also enriches the gaming experience for the rest of us by ensuring that cheaters can no longer dilute the integrity of the Gamerscore system.

Thanks for the questions, guys! Here at Xbox Cheater Watch, we’re thrilled at the overwhelmingly positive response to Microsoft’s actions in dealing with these cheaters in such a tough way. With your help, we can preserve the integrity of the Xbox Gaming Community!


5 Responses to “Some Quick Comments”

  1. Here is an interesting thread:

    Check out the comments of SilentSpartan.

  2. I don’t get it.

    Why does anybody really care?

    If they’re cheating for little more than silly “gamerpoints”, why should it bother anybody? I have yet to see anything that suggests these individuals cheat during multiplayer games, which would no doubt ruin the fun for everyone.

    If I wanted to cheat simply to get the 1,000 points in this or that game, what does it matter?

    Moderator Comment: By cheating to obtain Achievements, these cheaters dilute the value of our hard-earned Achievements. The integrity of the Gamerscore system is tainted by cheating, and earning the Achievements not only becomes unworthy of our time, but cheating takes away the fun of Achievements.

  3. It gives us legit users a good laugh as well. Its been a great day!

  4. I think I found one. barbieri has only 15 gamerscore but according to 360voice he had over 200,000 gamerscore, and lists a lot of achievements he got. Apparently Microsoft saw fit to leave him with his 15 he got in Halo 3 in Feb.

  5. Check out the Gamertag removed by Moderator. I know for a fact hes a cheater. using game saves and other techniques to manipulate his gamerscore. Right now hes hiding his status of played games cause he knows hes gonna get caught soon. Almost every game hes played has no date for the achievements unlocked, and most games, he earned the full 1000 points in within a few hours. Like PDZ.

    Moderator Comment: If you have actual evidence of cheating, please submit them to us. Please note however that we are currently investigating only the most rampant cheaters.

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