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Snap Deals in an Update on Alleged Cheater N0VA

Thanks to Snap, we now have some more information on “N0VA 360.” Duke gave us only part of the Gamertag, so now that we have the full Gamertag, we now know that “N0VA 360” has played a ton of games, but has a ZERO Gamerscore. Microsoft hasn’t yet given him the official Cheater label, but the evidence seems to speak for itself.

Edit: N0VA 360 has chimed in on the situation – now that you’ve got his side of the story, weigh the evidence and decide for yourself!

Edit2:  Please read this post for additional information.


7 Responses to “Snap Deals in an Update on Alleged Cheater N0VA”

  1. lol my score was NOT reset for cheating. i gave my tag to my friend as i couldnt be arsed with gamer score anymore.
    then i wanted my name back (n0va 360) so i could have my new tag with the same name.
    he changed his name, i made new tag with old name …. simple.

  2. What to believe what to believe….

  3. “i made new tag with old name …. simple.”

    You can’t reuse old tags.

  4. huh? you gave it to him so you “couldn’t be arsed with gamer score anymore”? What’s it cost to change your gamertag again? All so you wouldn’t be “arsed with gamver score anymore”, (whatever the f that is).

    sounds like simple “bullarsed”. LOL

  5. Actually, you can. If you spent the 800 MSP on changing your name, your original becomes available. This is different than canceling your account, which may or may not be up for grabs after a certain period.

    This is how people nab old ‘legends’ like ST TheKing, etc.

  6. i think n0va is telling the truth

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