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Rob Wilson Finds a Confession!

Rob Wilson dug up a forum post over at and found this gem (click for full size):


SilentSpartan confesses to cheating, earning him a place in the infamous Xbox Cheaters Watch List.

Thanks Rob for bringing this one to our attention!


12 Responses to “Rob Wilson Finds a Confession!”

  1. I have had to unfortunate pleasure to meet this Jerry’s Kid in a game a few months ago, the reason I remember him so well is his NEED for me to recognized his “superiority” over me. After slapping him around in a few rounds of RSV he started to explain how it didnt matter that I was better at this game because he was the better gamer because of his huge gamerscore. After asking him how he played games in japanese since some of his achievements were in JAPANESE ONLY titles never released in english he was dumbfounded for a minute, probably realizing his f*ck up. After laughing at him the next few rounds of melon popping I left to find more of a challenge, only to be stalked into every room I went into and be sent atleast over 10 messages of him proclaiming his greatness and saying that he was better than me. I guess I provoked him by saying I didnt care about gamerscore it mattered more about skill, which he had none he was complete GARBAGE. Here is a note to present and future cheaters, a huge gamerscore doesnt give you a huge penONEFIVE or grant you awesome skills, I will still shoot off your dome like every other idiot.

  2. I Chronos I….hmmm obviously you have no idea what your talking about…..I have not played RBV in a whole hell of a long time and I never boast about my GS to anyone. Everything you said in that post was a lie….I’ve never even heard of your GT and your gonna say I sent you 10 messages harrrasing you….give me a break. Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t do something as childish as you have just thought up.

  3. ” Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t do something as childish as you have just thought up.” says the liar and cheater.

    See, this is why nobody will ever believe you again SilentSpartan. You could come clean now every hour of every day of your life, but you’ll still be a liar and a cheater.

  4. How have I ever lied? Maybe before accusing someone of lying you should get your facts straight pal. I never said OMG no I dont not cheat. Can you please tell me where I have lied at? What that Chronos guy said was complete horse sh!t probably just some 5 year old kid trying to make him self sound like some sort of a hero…sorry kid your not.

  5. I love this site, there is nothing more satisfying then seeing people who previously lorded over us mere motals crash and burn…then continue to add fuel to the already smoldering wreck that was there reputation.

  6. Lol, SilentSpartan you nitwit, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve lied or not, we can rightly assume you would lie based on the fact you’re enough of a loser to cheat fro gamerscore. Please DIAF.

  7. SilentSpartan, you’re a nob just trying to get sympathy from people cause you spent so much time doing what you did. Guess what, no one cares cause you spent your time CHEATING TO GET YOUR GAMERSCORE UP! You decided to waste your man hours to cheat your way to nerd glory.

  8. I stumbled upon this site when one of the admins for XboxAmerica brought this story to our attention. All I can say is I love the idea for this site and I’m glad that Spartan is being judged here just as he is over at Since the forum was posted there we have had numerous people joining only to flame our forums that they are better than us because they have a huge gamerscore. Let me speak for all the legit players (99%) over at by saying keep up the good work.

  9. Got another person for you, he just posted this on his GT is Gamertag removed by Moderator.

    Moderator Comment: Please keep in mind that only confirmed cheaters, confessed rampant cheaters, and gamers whose Gamerscores have been reduced to zero are currently being tracked and investigated.

  10. I do think it is wrong to get reset all of it to 0, I think you should only get the cheated ach’s reset and they should still be attainable to reget but legit.

    I have found a bunch of cheaters, They have all earned the Game Master ach for Smash TV but it is glitched for everyone.

    Gamertags removed by Moderator.

    These people have an unnatinable ach for NFS Carbon

    Gamertags removed by Moderator.

    This guy has a glitched ach for NHL 2K7

    Gamertag removed by Moderator.

    Moderator Comment: Please note that while Xbox Cheater Watch definitely appreciates all of our readers submitting leads and tips – just keep in mind that only Confirmed Cheaters (in other words, they were marked and punished by Microsoft for cheating) and admitted/confessed rampant cheaters will make the Watch List. And only the most egregious Unconfirmed Cheaters (those who have not yet been caught by Microsoft) will be posted in this blog.

  11. what an Expletive removed by Moderator! damn he should be banned from xbox live just to set the score right 😛 damn can’t believe that he’s not even been reset to 0.

  12. haha its fun to restumble upon this site thanks to new cheaters and find he actually tried to defend himself with a lie, maybe if you werent such a douche you would see that i said a few months ago… so you saying that you havent played in a while might actually be the truth (for once) but because of your childish nature and hounding me from lobby to lobby i remembered what a pain in the ass you were. Grats being even more childish

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