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Possible Cheater?

So what do you guys think? Is this gamer a cheater?

We got the heads up on this guy from Lakeshow over at What’s strange is that there’s no alert posted in his profile from, but he’s got a ZERO Gamerscore, and he’s got a few games listed in his recent play list from his profile.

If you have any news regarding this gamer or any other gamer suspected of cheating, be sure to post a comment here and get credit for spotting them out!


Edit:  Please read this post for additional information.


2 Responses to “Possible Cheater?”

  1. Totally a cheater…

  2. He changed his name to xCrack360x

    Moderator Comment: Comparing the two profiles, it does look like “xXxTriGGeRxXx” and “xCrack360x” are indeed the same gamer. This may provide an explanation as to how “xXxTriGGeRxXx” has a zero Gamerscore despite having already unlocked Achievements for many games. The same may be said for the other “Unconfirmed Cheaters” on the Watch List. Carefully scrutinizing the dates of the Achievements however does raise suspicion. That said, we will be removing all “Unconfirmed Cheaters” from the Watch List while further investigation into these Gamertags is being conducted.

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