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Mike Spots a Potential Cheater

Mike noticed “barbieri” varied Gamerscore history from various Gamerscore sites (like, but like several others reported here at Xbox Cheater Watch, this gamer has not yet been confirmed to be a cheater in his profile. The evidence is compelling though:

Great job Mike – we’ll add this one to the Watch List as a yet-to-be-confirmed cheater!

Edit:  Please read this post for additional information.


5 Responses to “Mike Spots a Potential Cheater”


    aother cheater busted! I have a question too. Why is it most of the cheaters are silvers?

  2. Here is a cheater Gamertag removed by Moderator.

    He is part of this cheating website were you can find even more cheaters. Link removed by Moderator.

    Moderator Comment: There is insufficient evidence to place that gamer on the Watch List.

  3. Potentially a stupid question, but this guy and a couple others seemed to have only played one game, gotten an achievement or two (or zero), and quit. They don’t have the long list of 0/1000s that confirmed cheaters do. Isn’t it more likely that they’re just new?

    Moderator Comment: No, this isn’t a stupid question. However, all you have to do is check out a gamer’s profile (click on barbieri’s gamercard above for example) and see that a ton of Achievements have been unlocked, but the Gamerscore has been reduced substantially. Still though, without the “cheater” label from Microsoft, gamers like barbieri are not confirmed cheaters.

  4. Moderator could you please email at email address removed by Moderator. I can gather some more evdince of the cheater that I posted early.

    Moderator Comment: Please keep in mind that only confirmed cheaters, confessed rampant cheaters, and gamers whose Gamerscores have been reduced to zero are currently being tracked and investigated.

  5. good job nice to see cheaters getting shown up for what they have done.

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