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Welcome to Xbox Cheater Watch

Now that Xbox has initiated a terribly awesome new procedure for punishing Gamerscore cheaters, we’re going to be tracking all of these cheaters, and displaying their gamercards (courtesy of for the world to see and laugh at.  YOU can get credit for finding other cheaters out there who have had their Gamerscores reset by Microsoft! Just send us an email (or post a comment here) and if we haven’t already posted the cheater’s Gamercard here, you’ll get credit for being the Hunter!

Here are a couple of examples (be sure to click on the links below the Gamercards for their Live Profile page):


7 Responses to “Welcome to Xbox Cheater Watch”

  1. Looks like a few people are losing their scores:
    RareMartin went from 130,000 to 684.
    n0va 360 went to 0.

  2. Here’s one asking for it. lol Think he feels a little guilty?

  3. Gamertag removed by Moderator

    I noticed he got all 1000 pts on eternal sonata(and a bunch of others(in one day 3-18).

    From personal experience it isn’t possible to get all 1000pts from ES in one day as it’s a long game and it requires at least two play throughs to get all the points.

    Moderator Comment: You may be right, but that isn’t enough evidence to say for sure that he is cheating.

  4. Fair enough 🙂

    I just think it’s fishy that someone got all 1000pts in Eternal Sonata AND Lost Oddyssey in the same day.

    I do see that there is some legit scores on there, but there is definitely something strange going on as well.

  5. You need to add Gamertag removed by Moderator he is a guy that lives in my town and many times has asked me if i want my gamer score boosted for an amount of money i don’t like cheating or him at all so if u can ban him that would be great.

    Moderator Comment: Please refer to the second question in this Q&A: LINK

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