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Duke Nabs a Cheater!

Duke lead us to the identification of two more potential cheaters!

Check out the games that RareMartin has played and has earned achievements in, but compare that to his current Gamerscore, which went down from 130,000 to 684. Problem is, his profile doesn’t indicate whether he is a cheater though. An interesting sidenote, in RareMartin’s profile, he wrote “WTF MS?” We’ll keep tracking this one just in case.

Xbox user N0VA might also be a cheater, according to Duke’s report, but both his and profiles check out fine so far. If you have any additional information on N0VA, be sure to leave a comment in this post!

Edit:  Please read this post for additional information.


4 Responses to “Duke Nabs a Cheater!”

  1. Martin updated his page again. check it out!

  2. Also, on the topic of X360 forum, we have another cheater, TH3EX3CUTI0N3R, who has used the Gears of War achievement glitch and not only admits to it but as a result got named and shamed in the community section of an issue of X360 magazine, the UK’s best selling unofficial magazine, LOL!

    Evidence: This pathetic display where he makes a self congratulatory thread about his 1250g score in Gears where I actually reveal he has boosted, god that was satisfying.

    Moderator Comment: If we get information that this gamer has been cheating on additional games, we’ll add him to the Watch List.

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