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Cheapassgamers Smoke One Out!

The eagle-eyed users over at the forums have found another Cheater – but he hasn’t been caught by Microsoft yet! “Mr Dim,” (other known aliases are “Dim311” and “Dim2191”) is alleged to be a Cheater:

And as CAG forumer, “spoo” points out, this Cheater even admitted to cheating:

But of course, Mr. Dim “guarantees” that his Gamerscore won’t be reset:

This one will be interesting to follow…huge thanks to the users for this one!

Edit: Thanks also to acag and Bulbasaur for pointing Mr Dim out!


2 Responses to “Cheapassgamers Smoke One Out!”

  1. Just saw this on

    “Mr. Dim” is definitely a cheater (like the links confirm) and I’ll laugh when his score gets reset (the guy has been bragging like a 12 year old…saying that he won’t get banned and whatnot)

  2. Cool I played with Mr. Dim before that guys a loser keep up the good work guys

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