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Anger Wound Exposes CerealKiller5

Here’s another alleged cheater that hasn’t been designated a cheater in his profile (yet?):

Thanks for looking out, Anger Wound!

Edit:  Please read this post for additional information.


6 Responses to “Anger Wound Exposes CerealKiller5”

  1. My comment is this – why is this guy a cheat? This is a new tag – check your facts next time and make sure the person you are exposing has the cheater tag – I think you want to remove this.

    Moderator comment: If you would actually click and read the links provided, you will see that “CerealKiller5” dropped from a Gamerscore of 61990 to 0. He has no more Achievements, when he previously unlocked 2267 Achievements. If you find any indication that this information is untrue, please let us know.


    that is the link – it shows no cheater tag and no games played – looks like if this profile did get the cheater tag that the name was dropped and someone else picked it up…maybe the gamercard servers have not update yet?

  3. You’ll need to check a previously archived link, such as

    Moderator Comment: Thank you for the heads up, but this gamer is already on our Watch List.

  4. ^ I was actually answering Acidburn who still doesn’t understand.

  5. Still have yet to find anything questionable about this account. Looks more legit than Stallion83 who was removed from the watch. Why is it still here?

  6. cereal was a mod at the popular gamesaving site 360gamesaves thats why he was reset not because he was cheating he had no cheated games on his card

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